The new Valentino perfume that’s timeless elegance in a bottle

valentino donna still life

Have you ever smelt a scent for the first time, only to find it seems completely and utterly familiar? Valentino’s latest perfume offering, Donna, does just this.

The perfume is the epitome of style, grace and sophistication, much like the brand's beautiful muse, young actress Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey, who has starred alongside Johnny Depp and is set to feature as the lead in Guy Ritchie's upcoming film Knights of the roundtable: King Arthur.

When perfumiers Sonia Constant and Antoine Maisondieu began to craft the couture fashion house’s latest scent, they decided they wanted to create a new fragrance that seemed to have always existed. Contradictory it may seem, but this timeless perfume hits the mark.

To achieve this, Constant and Maisondieu blended a range of subtle ingredients to create a scent that earns its status as an imminent classic. Beginning at the head of the scent, you’ll sniff an infusion of bergamote essence Italian orpur, saffron and Italian moscato rosa.

As the scent begins to set, you’ll smell its uplifting heart notes, which include rose essence orpur and iris pallida absolute, before finishing on warm end notes, such as Italian leather, patchouli fraction essence orpur and musk blanc. The result of these gorgeous ingredients is a subtle yet sensual smell that can be worn from day to night.

Bold and powerful, in contrast to the delicate pastel pink liquid it holds, Donna’s bottle has a glass surface that has been carefully crafted from cut prisms. While the bottle resembles spikey studs, Valentino also notes that it bears similarities to the vintage ashlar masonry of Italian palazzos, fashioning a look that’s both modern and traditional. 

Available at Fenwick Bond Street, Brent Cross, Canterbury, Kingston, Leicester, Newcastle, Tunbridge Wells and York.

By Hanna Ibraheem