The products set to transform how you self tan

Fake it this summer with the new wave of tanning innovations, says Lisa Haynes

St Tropez holding shot

Why wait for a good weather forecast. Start bronzing in your bathroom with the clever solutions that will transform the way you tan. “Self tanning is constantly evolving,” explains James Harknett, leading tanning expert. “The trend this year is a contoured, sleek finish – and these new formulations make the DIY tan that much easier to achieve. Think of it as an extension of your skincare regime.” Goodbye, pasty skin. Meet the glow givers you need to know about.

The skin plumper

St.Tropez Self Tan Luxe Facial Oil, £23

Think spa meets tan in a glossy bottle. This non-greasy oil is packed with essential oils to give your face a luminous, plumped-up glow. If anyone asks? You’ve been on a South of France retreat.

James’ Pro Tip: 

A must for dry-skin types who struggle with dehydration when using self tans. Smooth the oil gently over the T-zone and outwards to give your face a mini massage as you tan.

Available at Fenwick Brent Cross, Kingston, Newcastle Tunbridge Wells, and York.

The protective tan

James Read Day Tan SPF15 Face, £22

Declutter your beauty cabinet. It’s time to downsize with the day moisturiser that hydrates, offers SPF protection, and builds up to that elusive just-back-from-a-weekend-in-Cannes glow.

James’ Pro Tip:

Integrate into your existing beauty regime as many times a week as you like. Work into cleansed skin in the morning and blend gently into your hairline.

Available at Fenwick Bond Street.

The bespoke colour

Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster for body, £26

Tanning just got personalised. This game-changing dropper bottle puts you in control of creating a bespoke tan. Go as subtle or intense as you dare with a few drops of the odourless liquid.

James’ Pro Tip: 

We all have our favourite body moisturiser. Just mix four to six drops into your existing body butter, lotion or cream and build up to your desired colour.

Available at all Fenwick stores.

The complexion pick-me-up

Madame LA LA West Coast Bronzing Serum, £28

This tinted serum adapts to your skin tone (tick), boosts collagen production (tick) AND helps blur fine lines (sold). Take it on the plane to arrive at your destination with a fresh-faced glow.

James’ Pro Tip:

Use a small, pea-sized amount and work in all over your face and neck. Repeat within two to three days to renew and brighten the effect.

Available at Fenwick Bond Street, Brent Cross, Colchester, Newcastle, Tunbridge Wells, and York.

The speed tan

Fake Bake Five Minute Mousse, £19.99

Too impatient for develop times? Skip the wait with a mousse that’s ready-to-wear in five minutes flat. The speed-dry, non-transfer formula is your saviour for impromptu nights out. Tick-tock.

James’ Pro Tip:

Always apply with a tanning mitt for the smoothest results. Self-tan clings to dryer areas so try custom blending with moisturiser around your feet and heels.

Available at Fenwick Bracknell, Brent Cross, Kingston, Newcastle, and Tunbridge Wells.

The overnight glow

Lancôme Night-Sun Self-Tanning Face Cream, £24 

Pick this new overnighter if you want to tan gradually – and convincingly. Use nightly for 5-7 days to build up the intensity of your tan each morning as you wake. It fades away just as gently. Hitting stores in June.

James’ Pro Tip:

Apply before bedtime, massaging into your cheeks and forehead. Use delicate strokes around the eyes and mouth and blend well around the jawline to avoid tell-tale marks.

Available at all Fenwick stores.

By Lisa Haynes