The things my mother told me

As it is Mother's Day on Sunday and, as we all agree, mum knows best, we asked some of our favourite fashion and food influencers for the three pearls of maternal wisdom that they value the most.


Tallulah Harlech

Model and actress

Always cleanse your skin before bed to take away the remnants of the day. My mum [Karl Lagerfeld's muse Amanda Harlech] had endless products around the sink that I used to find very alluring and I still do to this day.

Make your own calm, peaceful space with all the things you personally like. My mum has tons of trinkets and bits and pieces, but the way I create my own space is to have clarity and minimal items around me except for books, fresh flowers and Jo Malone candles.

Always write a thank you letter.

Skye Gyngell

Michelin star-winning chef 

Give away everything in life, apart from the one thing that makes you your money. This is not as shallow as it sounds, my mother always taught me that you should be generous in all that you do, but never to let people take your trade for granted.

You can have anything you want in this world, but only if you work hard – an oldie but a goodie, and a lesson that I have passed on to my daughters. It resonates with the other great saying – do what you love; love what you do – I really believe that if you have genuine passion, and are prepared to work hard, then anything is possible.

Manners maketh the man. A few basic manners – a please here, or a thank you there – can make all the difference. I want to be surrounded by, and work with, nice people who are polite, and gracious.

Carolina Bucci

Jewellery designer

If it fits…buy it in every colour!

Be busy, but don't look busy.

An elegant woman always wears jewellery.

Quentin Jones

Artist and fashion film-maker

Don't tattle tale, which ended up coming in handy when enforced on younger siblings.

Work hard, play hard. I believe I have managed to take this one successfully into adult-life.

And most importantly, not to curl my lip at things I don't like. Working in fashion it is important to pretend you like all sorts of rubbish, so I am glad I conquered this in the playground.

Judy Joo

Chef at Jinju

Invest and find good girlfriends for life. They are the ones who will get you through thick and thin, richer and poorer, and sickness and in health. It's not necessarily going to be your husband.

Follow your heart, but take your brain with you.

Don't make a permanent decision for your temporary feeling.

Eva Karayiannis

Founder of Caramel Baby and Child

To be present and mindful in each moment - whether sipping tea, stroking a child’s hair, gazing at a beautiful sunset - whatever it is. I didn’t appreciate the strength of this advice until recently but now it’s something I’m really trying to live.

My mother was full of great natural beauty tips – for example, after being in the sun, she always advised putting yoghurt on my face as the best mask. It really works. 

Mum always used to remind me of Aristotle’s wisdom: “There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing”. Simple and powerful.

Annabel Hodin

Stylist and personal shopper

Not all gentlemen prefer blondes.

Have one black dress that you love and it will take you everywhere.

Concentrate on your entrance, forget about your exit.

Osman Yousefzada

Fashion designer

How you talk to someone will determine whether you ride an ass or ride a horse in life.

Never show off.

You come into this world on your own and leave on your own.

By Carolyn Asome