The top five big boy's toys for Christmas

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Image: Lions Gate Entertainment Inc

It is a fairly well known fact that, when it comes to Christmas, men are all big kids at heart and will have their own list of things that they want to see under the tree and, for most, this will be the latest pieces of gadgetry and technology.

Well, it's set to be a great year for men across the land this Christmas because there are some extraordinary pieces of technology on the market. We asked Fenwick Newcastle's TV and audio buyer, Yogesh Rawlley, to guide us through his essential picks of the season - and he should know, our Newcastle store boasts the biggest audio and television department of any of our 11 stores. 

1. 4K TV Samsung 55HU8500

There are few things men crave more than a top-of-the-range television and, quite frankly, they don't come much better than this mesmerising 4K 55" television from Samsung. "This TV is the future," Rawlley explains. "The quality is amazing it is four times sharper than HD TV and people are going bigger and bigger with the sizes they’re choosing".

2. iPad Air 2

Men are only too aware that Apple make fantastic devices and whenever the latest is released onto the market, we simply have to have it. The magnificent iPad Air 2 is no different. It genuinely boasts some impressive enhancements over its predecessor. “The brand new iPad Air will be the most popular tablet to buy,” Rawlley agrees. “It is light, slick, fast and, of course, it’s Apple.” A real winner for men this Christmas.

3. Sonos Wireless Speakers

Creating the right mood throughout your home will be largely dependent on the sound system you choose and that's why most men will opt for the best - namely, a wireless speaker from Sonos. “Anyone who loves music and has wifi is going to love these speakers," Rawlley recommends. "They are great for anyone who has already invested in Sonos and wants to expand their wireless eco system throughout the home".

4. The Bose Soundlink Mini speakers

There are certain brands synonymous with quality within the sound system industry and Bose is unquestionably one of them and one of the cornerstones of their offerings is the brilliantly versatile Bose SoundLink Mini Wireless Speakers. “These are perfect because they’re portable. Music lovers of all ages would love them as a gift - you can bring them on holiday or use them around the home,” says Rawlley.

5. Monster Headphones

Headphones are part of most men's every day carry. We need them for our daily commutes or drowning out the background noise at work so if you're after a well-performing, heavy duty pair of headphones, nobody does it better than Monster. “Headphones are always popular at this time of year," Rawlley explains. "These have unbelievable sound quality and they look cool - they come in a variety of colours and they are competitively priced. I would say these and the Beats headphones will be the most popular styles to buy this Christmas.” 

Each of these products can be found in the audio / visual department of our Fenwick Newcastle  and Fenwick Kingston stores.

By Leo Davie