The top ten back to school essentials

Little learners will soon be top of the class with our top 10 back to school must-haves from Fenwick Kingston.

1. The Snack jackets

Keep their fruit fresh and to hand with these colourful neoprene pouches that clip to their school bags, £5 each, by CKS Kilo. Amanda Bell, head of homeware at Fenwick Kingston, says: “These are a really fun way to encourage children to be healthy and bring more fruit to school.” (Available at Fenwick Kingston).

2. The Stationery

Children love playful stationery and one of our favourites is this spec-tacular set, £7, The Works. "We have a broad range of notepads and accessories for different age groups from Rachel Ellen right the way through to Kate Spade for teenagers, there's something for all scholars," says Amanda, (Available at Fenwick Kingston).

3. The Tupperware

"These stackable lunch boxes are one of our most popular ranges," says Amanda of the set of four Happy Jackson snack boxes, £10.95. "They're colourful, playful and you can fill them with lots of healthy treats." (Available at Fenwick Kingston).

4. The Backpack

New to the Fenwick Kingston Back to School department are the Herschel children's backpacks £40. Catherine Sibley, head of fashion at Fenwick Kingston, says: "Children love to have the mini-me version of their mum or dad's accessories. Herschel do a great range of stylish designs that are durable and practical." (Available at Fenwick Kingston).

5. The Uniform

When it comes to uniforms, you can find everything from blazers and ties for particular schools (including this blazer, shirt and tie, £95.99) right through to ballet kits and Brownie outfits as well as classic school basics, (Available at Fenwick Kingston).

6. The Hair Accessories

“For those first day back at school photos these Candy Bows accessories are perfect,” says Catherine. "Each one is hand-tied in a range of school-appropriate colours." Choose from bow clips, £4.95 each, and headbands, £7.95 each (Available at Fenwick Kingston).

7. The Lunch Bag

"We have a wide range of character lunch boxes," explains Catherine. "Frozen is still popular with the girls and Star Wars and Superman for the boys - as well as plainer styles for schools who don't allow branded lunchboxes." Joules lunch bags are one of our favourites and come with a handy Tupperware box inside, £14.95. (Available at Fenwick Kingston).

8. The Water Bottles

Little ones will love these sweet zoo-inspired straw bottles, £6.50, by Skip Hop. "It's important to make sure children are hydrated throughout the day and it builds their independence filling up their own bottle," explains Amanda. (Available at Fenwick Kingston).

9. The Pens and Pencils

Encourage their creative side with this colourful Tinc stationery set, £20. Amanda says: "Especially popular with older children, Tinc stationery comes in a strong range of block colours in a great variety of designs at really good price points." (Available at Fenwick Kingston).

10. The Scooter

The most popular way for children to get to school is of course whizzing on the latest Mini-Micro scooter, £64.95, in a range of colours with matching helmets, and bells - it's all part of the adventure. (Available at Fenwick Kingston).

By Claire Brayford