The Top Ten New Fragrances To Try This Spring

The arrival of spring brings brighter mornings, blossoming flowers and the perfect opportunity to change your fragrance. Leaving behind the rich, heady perfumes of the colder season, spring fragrances are light and sweet but still complex and exciting.

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Here, we round up a selection of our most beautiful and wearable new fragrance releases and reimagined house favourite perfumes for you to discover this spring.


Flowers were a great passion of the late Oscar de la Renta, and now they are the inspiration behind the fashion house’s newest fragrance, Bella Blanca. Like a walk through one of de la Renta’s gardens, top notes of fresh pear, dew and green leaves grow into heart notes of sharp jasmine, luxuriant rose, uplifting orange blossom and velvety tuberose. The sweet and earthy perfume finishes with rich sandalwood, white orris and musk, becoming a refined and elegant spring fragrance.

Oscar de la Renta Bella Blanca, £58 for 50ml; Available exclusively at Fenwick Bond Street, Colchester and Tunbridge Wells from 12th March 2018

Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum Florale, the new fragrance from the French luxury beauty brand, is sweet and delightful, much like the bouquet of flowers that inspired its creation. Invigorating Jasmine sambac is in full blossom throughout the fragrance, accompanied by bursts of heady lavender and creamy vanilla. A beautifully floral and bright perfume, it is the perfect fragrance for spring.

Guerlain Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum Florale, £69.50 for 50ml ; Available at Fenwick Brent Cross, Canterbury, ColchesterKingston, Newcastle and Tunbridge Wells

Jo Malone London's  limited edition set of unique fragrances celebrate the earthy scent of grains and cereals. The five piece collection includes poppy and barley, primrose and rye, oat and cornflower, honey and crocus, and wheat with meadowsweet – all of which evoke the beauty of the English countryside. For a more personalised fragrance, the perfumes can be combined to create a unique fusion that reflects your style.

Jo Malone London English Fields, £47 for 30ml; Available at Fenwick Bond StreetBracknell, Brent Cross, Canterbury, ColchesterNewcastle and Tunbridge Wells

They say that too much candy is bad for you, but when it comes to Prada’s latest fragrance, too much is never enough. The newest addition to the Prada Candy confection, Sugar Pop is as sweet as can be, with notes of sumptuous peach and sugary vanilla spun with floral Mahonial and delicious bergamot. Crisp apples and green citrus keep the fragrance fresh and light to avoid it becoming saccharine, making this sweet treat a delicious fragrance for springtime.

Prada Candy Sugar Pop,  £69 for 50ml; Available at Fenwick Bracknell, Brent Cross, Canterbury, ColchesterKingston and Newcastle

Couturier Elie Sabb is renowned for his elegant, feminine and glamorous creations, and his latest fragrance Le Parfum White is no exception. Top notes of mandarin essence, blackcurrant and pear make a delicately fruity introduction, before warming into floral heart notes of jasmine sambac and orange blossom absolutes, peony and ylang-ylang alongside sweet velvety vanilla. Finishing with notes of white musk, this fragrance is as delicate as it is sumptuous.

Elie Saab Le Parfum White, £61 for 50ml; Available at Fenwick Bond StreetBracknell, Brent Cross, Canterbury, KingstonNewcastle, Tunbridge Wells and York

The latest addition to the Mon Paris family from YSL Beaute, Mon Paris Couture is a captivating perfume that pays homage to the city of lights and love. The heart of the fragrance combines Datura, white peony and orange flower with a romantic new infusion of rose, whilst top notes of bergamot, grapefruit and lychee add a refreshing layer of zesty scents. At its base, Mon Paris Couture finds sensual patchouli, musks and accords of cream that perfectly complement this fruity and floral concoction.

Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Couture, £72 for 50ml; Available at Fenwick Bond StreetBrent Cross, Canterbury, Kingston, Newcastle and Tunbridge Wells

When it comes to captivating and powerful fragrances, Tom Ford can do no wrong. For spring, Ford has reworked one of his Private Blend perfumes. Eau de Soleil Blanc dawns with vibrant top notes of orange bitter peel, bergamot and petitgrain bigarade, with a spicy hit of pink peppercorn and cardamom. At its floral heart, the notes shine with Moroccan orange flower, fresh jasmine, dreamy tuberose and ylang-ylang. The fragrance sets with a Coco de Mer accord, amber and vanilla, which invoke that signature Tom Ford intensity and richness.

Tom Ford Eau de Soleil Blanc, £82 for 50ml; Available at Fenwick Bond StreetBracknell, Brent Cross, Canterbury, ColchesterKingstonNewcastle and Tunbridge Wells from 1st March 2018

Good Girl, the latest fragrance from designer Carolina Herrera, celebrates the modern woman with a perfume that is surprising, bold and complex. Notes of jasmine give the fragrance lightness and freshness, while tuberose infuses it with a rich delicacy. Juxtaposing these sweet notes, scents of cocoa and Tonka bean bring depth and intensity as wisps of coffee and almond create warmth, making this as sensual as it is feminine. With its light and darker notes, Good Girl is a fragrance you can wear from day to night.  

Carolina Herrera Good Girl, £72.50 for 50ml; Available at Fenwick Bracknell, Brent Cross, Canterbury, ColchesterKingstonNewcastle and York

This season, Italian fashion house Giorgio Armani takes us to India with the release of two spectacular fragrances, Bleu Turquoise and Bleu Lazuli. Pink peppercorn, light salt and bergamot give each fragrance an Italian spirit while key notes of spices and incense transport you to India. Bleu Turquoise is sweetened with creamy vanilla, making it a gentler and more ephemeral fragrance. Bleu Lazuli, in contrast, is grounded with notes of tobacco and mate tea leaves, forming a darker and more intense perfume. Both fragrances begin with lighter top notes that give way to deeper scented base notes, making these perfumes an unfurling journey for the senses.

Giorgio Armani Prive Bleu Turquoise and Bleu Lazuli, £240 for 100ml; Available at Fenwick Brent Cross and Newcastle

This spring sees the flowers blooming with the release of Jimmy Choo’s limited edition launch of his popular fragrance Blossom. This special interpretation for spring is as beautifully fruity and floral as its original. Exotic fruits open the perfume, making a vibrant and exciting introduction. The heart flourishes with soft frangipani flower, before settling into the familiar sandalwood and white musk base notes of its sister fragrance. A bright and sweet scent, this perfume perfectly complements the spring season.

Jimmy Choo Blossom Limited Edition, £48 for 60ml; Available at Fenwick Brent Cross, ColchesterKingston and Tunbridge Wells

By Darcy Rive