Must-have spring gadgets

Men love the technology section of department stores and it is one of life's natural occurrences that they will gravitate there on shopping trips and 2015 is going to treat them well.

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For those men who are enamoured with the world of gadgetry, listen up, because these are the bits of kit that you should be making a bee-line for in the tech department...

1. Monster Clarity Speaker

Monster are a brand that are very much on the crest of a wave given their proclivity for continually releasing fantastic gadgets that are taking the audio world by storm and the Monster Clarity Speaker looks to be one of the best of the bunch. Billed as the high performance loudspeaker redefined, the Monster Clarity has certainly got what it takes to be the chief media hub in your home and boasts both a sleek design and awesome features that will impress any technophile.

The Monster Clarity Speaker will deliver truly fantastic sound which is unparalleled in quality. A superb media system and one that will leave any music fan drooling over its capabilities.

Monster is available in Fenwick Newcastle.

2. Kindle Fire HDX Tablet

The days of the tangible books that we hold in our hands are long gone now and today's tech savvy consumers demand a much more advanced means for getting their literature fix and they don't come much better than the Kindle Fire HDX Tablet which is not only an all-singing, all-dancing e-reader but also has plenty of other first rate features that will keep you entertained between books.

Boasting extremely powerful technology beneath the hood, the Kindle Fire HDX Tablet will deliver on multiple fronts on top of provider the reading platform for which Amazon's device has become synonymous. With an unparalleled pixel density (323 ppi), the Kindle Fire HDX Tablet is brilliant for delivering stunning looking media playback so you can watch television and movies on this great-looking device as well as using it to keep your reading up to date as well. A fantastic, must-have gadget for 2015.

Kindles are available at Fenwick Newcastle.

3. Sony Curved LED 4K Television

There isn't a man alive who doesn't hanker for the largest possible television that their living area will accommodate and whilst you need to couple size with picture quality, you'll not find many better pieces of kit than the extraordinary 4K televisions from Sony. The crispness of picture you'll enjoy on a Sony 4K television is nothing short of jaw-dropping and whether you're using your TV for gaming, watching movies or sporting events, Samsung's offerings never disappoint.

Curved televisions are somewhat of a newcomer to people's living rooms but a most welcome one indeed which provides a much more immersive viewing experience and off-angle picture that doesn't distort the image dependent on where you're sat. Sony are famed for their technological capabilities and their curved 4K is one of their finest achievements and will undoubtedly take pride of place in any gadget loving chap's living room.

Samsung is available at Fenwick Kingston and Newcastle.

4. GoPro Camera

We all love taking photos but in order to really capture the essence of your adventures in 2015, you can't beat video and that's why so many people will be reaching for a GoPro the next time they head skiing, scuba diving or on some sort of jungle expedition because, when it comes to providing stunning first person perspective action, nobody does it better than GoPro.

There are many different GoPro cameras on the market and you'll be sure to find a variety that matches your requirements and budget in their superb collection of gadgetry. GoPro cameras are fantastic for capturing your world and make it so easy to share online so for anyone who has adventures in store for 2015, it is a must have gadget.

GoPro cameras are available in Fenwick Newcastle.

5. Bose Headphones

Finding the right headphones is no mean feat and you'll need to go for a brand that you can believe in and, for most, that brand is Bose. Boasting an unparalleled reputation for the quality of their headphones, Bose are right up there with the best of them and offer all manner of first class headphones for those who like to drown out the outside world and enjoy their music in style.

You'll be able to find both in-ear and wraparound headphones from Bose so regardless of the style you're after, you'll find a top of the range solution from this tech colossus. With a heritage that stems from MIT, it is little wonder that Bose headphones are so well regarded to this day and they offer both impeccable style and fantastic performance. An essential gadget for anyone serious about their music.

Bose is available at Fenwick Kingston & Newcastle.

6. LG Blu Ray Player

Life will indeed be good if you're a movie or boxset fan and you get your hands on one of LG's magnificent and technologically advanced Blu-Ray players in 2015. Boasting impeccable specifications which will provide a genuinely eye-popping level of clarity, the LG Blu-Ray player is an essential purchase for those who watch plenty of movies at home. With LG's latest Blu-Ray iterations offering 3D playback functionality, they're certainly on the cutting edge of home entertainment and will offer a viewing experience quite unlike any other.

No home entertainment set up would be complete without a top of the range Blu-Ray player and from the minimalist design to the fantastic specifications, few do it better than LG and their wonderfully advanced array of Blu-Ray devices. A superb addition to any gadget lover's home.

LG is available at Fenwick Kingston.

7. MacBook Air Laptop

Apple are famed for their innovation and the calibre of their computers but the MacBook Air really is the pinnacle of their design talents. Wonderfully minimalist and extraordinarily lightweight, the MacBook Air still manages to be a big hitter in the specification department despite it's tiny dimensions and it's little wonder that this superb laptop is most people's first pick when it comes to choosing their next computer. The latest MacBook Air from Apple weighs in at just 1.08kg, has a twelve hour battery life, Yosemite operating system and mightily impressive hardware that ensures it is quick at completing all your tasks.

Providing everything that you can ask for from a laptop, Apple's MacBook Air is such an impressive feat of design and technology coming together and it is the ideal choice for those creative sorts who want a stylish, high-performing laptop that never lets you down and is extremely portable to boot.

Apple is available in Fenwick Kingston & Newcastle.

8. Anki Drive

Most men are just big kids at heart and that's why they will likely take just as much interest in the rather excellent looking Anki Drive which is taking the gadget world by storm with it's brilliant combination of artificial intelligence and consumer robotics that comes together to create a fast-paced racing game that is equally as entertaining for both the young and young at heart.

With various different tracks and vehicles to get your hands on, adrenaline soaked robotic action is never going to be far away with the superb looking Anki Drive and is certainly isn't difficult to see why Anki Drive has captured the imagination of speed demons and gadget lovers of all ages.

Anki Drive is available in Fenwick Newcastle.

9. Parrot Mini Drone

Drones are set to take 2015 by storm and men, young and old alike, are going to want to get their hands on their own little flying companion over then next few months and there aren't many better for the job than the brilliant little Parrot Mini Drones that are dainty enough to be used indoors but boast a mightily impressive picture quality. Extremely lightweight, weighing in at just 55g, the Parrot Mini Drone is a must have piece of kit for those who love their gadgets and it will really give rise to some awesome aerial photography that you wouldn't have thought possible.

The ideal gadget choice for those with a spirit for adventure, this excellent little drone is incredible capable and will be able to perform manoeuvres that you wouldn't have thought possible. The Parrot Mini Drone has taken the tech world by storm and when you see it in action for yourself, you'll wonder how you ever lived without one.

Parrot Mini Drones are available at Fenwick Newcastle.

10. Bose Home Cinema Sound System

Going to the cinema is great but, given the spiralling costs it's not something you can do every night, so why not bring the cinema to you with the smashing Bose Home cinema speaker system that offers immersive sound clarity so engrossing that it will be just like watching your favourite movies on the silver screen.

Boasting a sleek, unobtrusive design, the Bose home cinema speaker system will be the perfect accompaniment to a 4G television and you'll be positively blown away by the experience that comes from watching movies, sport and television with such a breathtaking sound quality.

Bose is available at Fenwick Kingston.

By Leo Davie