The five most stylish Valentine's Day cocktails


Image: Honestly Yum

On the most romantic day of the year, you need to push the boat out a little and try some delicious cocktails that will add a special touch to your Valentine's Day celebrations. We've asked our Fenwick Newcastle wine and spirit buyer, Robin Winterschladen, for his choice of the most taste-bud tingling cocktails - and he's been doing the job for 27 years so he knows a thing or two.

1. The ultimate gin and tonic

Features: Durham Gin (£27) and Fever-Tree Tonic (79p)

"Gin is currently having quite a moment. Local gin bars like Pleased to Meet You, in the city centre are sparking a new interest in young and old, men and women. Our selection has more than doubled in the last year, we now stock over 40 different gins and one of our favourite brands is Durham Gin. Distilled locally in small batches with a unique blend of botanicals - including Juniper, celery seed, elderflower and pink peppercorns - paired with Fever-Tree Tonic it makes a refreshing yet sophisticated long drink for Valentine’s Day.

Another popular choice is the Edinburgh Gin Raspberry liqueur (£17.99). Handmade in Scotland, handpicked raspberries from Perthshire are steeped in Edinburgh gin. You can team it with lemonade, soda or tonic water to create a really fresh taste.”

Image: Drizzle & Dip

2. The Fenwick Bellini

Features: Fragola Liqueur (£22.50) and Treviso Prosecco (£9.99)

“This is a new take on the traditional Kir Royale, with blackcurrant cassis, or classic Bellini. It features Frogola, an Italian strawberry liqueur containing whole miniature wild strawberries, we would recommend pairing this with a crisp dry Prosecco to form a romantic Valentine’s Day cocktail.

And of course Prosecco is a very popular alternative to champagne being softer with less fizz it is very drinkable and the Treviso is one of our best selling brands.”

Image: The Dinner Club

3. The Violette Martini

Features Belvedere Vodka (£35), Briottet Violette Liqueur (£17.49) and Lillet (£16.99)

“Belvedere is the vodka James Bond drinks in his latest movies. This is a new twist on the ‘Vesper’ martini from Skyfall which featured vodka and lillet (white French vermouth). Take two parts vodka, one part Violette and one part lillet, shake over ice and serve in a martini glass.

It’s delicious. And watch out for the new James Bond-inspired Belvedere bottle in store soon.”

Image: Belvedere

4. The Mint Julep

Features Buffalo Trace Bourbon (23.50), crushed ice, sugar and ten fresh mint leaves

“This is a true cocktail classic. Traditionally drunk in pewter cups, simply muddle together sugar and mint in a tall glass add Buffalo Trace Bourbon and crushed ice. Stir gently until the glass gets frosty. Scotch whisky has been having a spell in the spotlight of late particularly with the launch of David Beckham's Haig Club, but now it is the turn of the American bourbon.

A new bourbon bar, The Hop and Cleaver, specialising in 40 to 50 bourbons is one of the hottest destinations in the Quayside and the Mint Julep is one cocktail not to miss.”

Image: Bojon Gourmet

5. The Grey Goose Fizz

Features: Grey Goose Vodka (£37.50), St Germain (£24), fresh Lime and Soda Water

“Spot a celebrity toasting with a long drink and it will invariably contain Grey Goose vodka. Connoiseurs prefer the premium vodka produced in France’s cognac region for its smooth sweet taste. And now the hottest way to drink it, rather than as a shot or a long drink, is in champagne flutes as a refreshing cocktail.

To create a Grey Goose Fizz, add Vodka, St Germain elderflower liqueur, lime and ice into a cocktail shaker, shake until well chilled and strain into a flute and top up with chilled soda water. What could be better?”

Image: Grey Goose