How to detox your mind and body: The yogi's guide to wellbeing

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Whether it's due to long, stressful days at the office or a jam-packed summer social calendar, late nights, over-indulgence or being constantly connected can leave you feeling sluggish and stressed.

In an effort to learn how to truly relax and detox our bodies and minds, we visited the idyllic Yogarosa Retreat on the beautiful island of Ibiza where experienced yoga therapist Rosa Klein shared how exercise, diet, breathing and mindset play a role in our overall wellbeing. Read on to hear what we learned, then browse our edit of Fenwick favourites that are sure to get you on track to becoming your best self...

1. Take time to switch off

Whether it means visiting the retreat, booking a day at the spa or simply taking a few hours to yourself, make time to truly switch off - leave work at work and trade your phone, TV and laptop for a book or a walk in nature and allow yourself to truly enjoy your surroundings.

2. Start your day with some exercise

Whether it's a few minutes of yoga before you start your morning routine, a jog or an intense gym class, get your body and your mind moving to set yourself to get the most out of each day.

3. Nourish your body with energy-boosting foods

By viewing food as energy your body needs to properly function, you're more likely to make the right choices. Cook whenever you can using fresh and nutritional ingredients, and when eating out choose foods with high nutritional value. 

4. Practice your breathing

Whether or not meditating is for you, focusing on your breathing at least once a day sends oxygen to your brain and helps you to relax and de-stress.

5. Prioritise sleep

Make yourself get the shut eye you need by turning devices off at least 30 minutes before bed. Instead, run a bath, put on a face mask or light some calming candles to get in the right mindset for sleep. 

Pegged as the scent to instantly de-stress, the NEOM Real Luxury range (including our favourite item, the 3-wick candle) is the perfect way to unwind at the end of a long day.

NEOM Organics Real Luxury 3 Wick Candle, £45; Available at Fenwick Brent CrossCanterburyColchesterKingstonNewcastleTunbridge WellsWindsor & York

Make drinking water more fun with a stylish stainless steel water bottle from S'Well which promises to keep drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12.

S'Well, from £25; Available at Fenwick Brent Cross

Rest and recover by trading dessert for an all-natural vegan chocolate shake from Bodyism right before bed. Made with a calming mix of calcium, chamomile and hops, it helps give you your best sleep possible.

Bodyism Serenity Supplement, £50; Available at Fenwick of Bond Street

Look good and feel good with these contrast leggings from Beyond Yoga, guaranteed to help you get the most out of your workout.

Beyond Yoga, £119; Available at Fenwick Kingston

Whether or not you're a yogi, ease your muscles and relax your mind with a soak in the bath featuring this moisturising blend of essential oils, mineral salts and therapeutic herbs.

Mio Liquid Yoga Restorative Bath Soak, £26; Available at Fenwick Brent Cross, York & Bond Street

Make your meals a bit lighter by swapping noodles for spiralised vegetables with this easy-to-use, dishwasher-safe spiral cutter.

Microplane Spiral Cutter, £9.95; Available at Fenwick Canterbury

Massage this rose-infused body oil into your skin to lock in moisture, restore softness and combat signs of ageing.

REN Morrocan Rose Ultra Moisture Body Oil, £34; Available at Fenwick Bond StreetBracknellBrent CrossCanterburyColchesterKingstonNewcastleTunbridge WellsWindsor & York

Rejuvenate any skin type with this two-step cleanser which comes with a muslin cloth and is enriched with firming and toning frankincense, antioxidant essential fatty acid-rich organic baobab and moisturising organic cocoa butter. 

Neal's Yard Rejuvenating Frankincense Refining Cleanser, £20; Available at Fenwick BracknellBrent CrossCanterburyColchesterKingstonLeicesterNewcastleTunbridge Wells & York

Kinder to the skin than most muslins or flannels, once wet, the angel shape of this innovative face cloth becomes soft, perfect for exfoliating with a cleanser or for removing a face mask. 

The Konjac Sponge Co. 100% Natural Angel Face Cloth, £12.95; Available at Fenwick Tunbridge Wells

Part of the Ritual of Karma collection, this limited edition body scrub is based on the ancient Hindu belief that living with good intent attracts positive karma. Think good thoughts and take in the sweet floral aromas of White Lotus and Bergamot and good things (and great skin) are sure to come your way.

Rituals The Ritual of Karma Body Scrub, £19.50; Available at Fenwick BracknellBrent CrossKingston & Newcastle

Find the right face mask for you with this range from Nügg, which includes an antioxidant-rich De-stress mask made of a blend of Acai Berry, Bilberry and Goji Berry extracts as well as ingredients to help protect the skin from environmental damage.

Nügg Face Masks, £3.29 each; Available at Fenwick Newcastle, York, Windsor, Brent Cross, Kingston & Bracknell



Add a new fragrance sensation to your shower routine with Yogi Flow from Rituals which combines Sweet Almond Oil and Indian Rose and turns from a gel into a rich foam on contact with water. 

Rituals Yogi Flow Shower Foam, £8.50; Available at Fenwick BracknellBrent CrossKingston & Newcastle

Drinking fruit-infused water (lemon in particular) is a great way to boost your metabolism and cleanse your body, and Infruition is the perfect way to add vitamins to your diet on the go. Simply slice up your favourite fruit, add into the bottle's chamber and go about your day with extra energy.

Infruition Infusion Water Bottles, £15 each; Available at Fenwick Kingston

If you're on the lookout for skincare products with natural ingredients, this facial toner from ESPA will be a new favourite in your daily regime. Its gentle formula, containing peppermint and witch hazel, helps refresh, decongest and protect oily skin while warding against breakouts.

ESPA Balancing Herbal Spafresh Toner, £24; Available at Fenwick Tunbridge Wells

Ideal for those suffering from excess sun exposure, just add water to this pink clay sponge for easy cleansing for even the most sensitive skin.

The Konjac Sponge Co. Clay Infused Face Sponge, £8.45; Available at Fenwick York

If things are feeling extra hectic, the aromas of lavendar, lavandin and clary sage in this certified organic rollerball are proven to relieve feelings of stress.


Aveda Stress-Fix Concentrate, £22; Available at Fenwick Brent CrossCanterburyKingstonNewcastleTunbridge Wells & York

Making a healthy smoothie has never been easier with the dishwasher-friendly Magnetic Drive Blender from Kitchenaid which automatically shuts off and emits a tone to let you know when your drink is ready. 

KitchenAid Magnetic Drive Blender, £399; Available at Fenwick Canterbury

Bio-organically powered beauty brand Willow has combined ingredients including Red Snow Algae, Tonka Bean and Vegetable Collagen to create a range of natural bodycare products set to hydrate, plump and smooth the skin.

Willow Blissful Peace Collection, from £20; Available at Fenwick York

With soothing Lavender and Vetivert salts that help you get a good sleep, this therapeutic bath soak moisturises the skin.

This Works Deep Sleep Bath Soak, £22; Available at Fenwick Bond StreetBracknellCanterburyKingstonNewcastleTunbridge WellsWindsor & York

This soothing and relaxing oil is perfect for soothing tired muscles after a workout. Made with 100% pure plant extracts, including Geranium, Petit Grain, Camomile and Basil, it helps relieve stress and fatigue for a total feeling of well-being. 

Clarins Relax Body Treatment Oil, £39; Available at Fenwick Bond StreetBracknellBrent CrossCanterburyColchesterKingstonLeicesterNewcastleTunbridge WellsWindsor & York

Despite being rich in plant oils and herbal extracts, this daily moisturiser is light and non-greasy on the skin and can help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Neal's Yard Frankincense Hydrating Cream, £27.50; Available at Fenwick BracknellBrent CrossCanterburyColchesterKingstonLeicesterNewcastleTunbridge Wells & York

This blend of essential oils uses the ancient Indian healing art of Ayurveda to balance Chakra 1, the center that grounds us and takes care of our basic needs.

Aveda Chakra 1 Balancing Body Mist, £30; Available at Fenwick Brent CrossCanterburyKingstonNewcastleTunbridge Wells & York


Protecting you skin against the sun should be your first thought when you buy new products, and Clarins makes it easy with this Multi-Active Day SPF 20. Containing the new Myrothamnus extract, the cream minimises the impact of daily stress and the signs of ageing, hydrates and restores radiance.

Clarins Multi-Active Day SPF 20, £42; Available at Fenwick Bond StreetBracknellBrent CrossCanterburyColchesterKingstonLeicesterNewcastleTunbridge WellsWindsor & York

Use less oil when you cook and get rid of harmful toxins and chemicals by opting for a ceramic frypan from GreenPan.

GreenPan Non-Stick Fry Pans, from £23; Available at Fenwick Canterbury & Kingston

By Alison Millington