What to do on Valentine's Day (even if you hate it)

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Valentine’s Day can be a pleasant enough occasion for some - if you just so happen to be in love, you get a full day allocated to celebrating it however you choose. However, Valentine’s Day can also remind many of us that the inevitable Bridget-Jones-crazy-cat-lady life of singledom is looming.

No matter whether you're team Valentine's or unlucky in love this year, we’ve found a few ways for you to spend February 14th – whether it’s cosying up with a loved one or simply an anti-Valentines distraction with friends...

For the newly dating couple: Eat street food

If things are still a bit awkward and you’re both being painfully coy about the whole Valentine’s Day thing, but you just so happen to end up together on the fateful day, the answer is clear - just eat all of the food. You both need to eat dinner, right? So there’s nothing weird about accidentally-on-purpose doing it together.

Taste the best of London’s street food offering at Dinerama on Sunday evening. The next morning, breakfast at Brick Lane’s finest bagel café – Beigel Bake – ought to hit the spot.

For the “comfortable” couple: Drink cocktails to jazz music 

You had the chat a while back. You’re officially a couple. Constant paranoia is a thing of the past, and it’s time to get your glad rags on for a more sophisticated, romantic affair this Valentine’s Day.

Head to one of the best kept secrets of Islington; unbelievably smooth and suave jazz bar 69 Colebrooke Row. A few delicious cocktails down the line and the L word might even slip out… 

For the married couple: Dine in a Michelin-starred restaurant  

Escape from the stresses and strains of daily life with a trip to Windsor-based restaurant The Royal Oak (Paley Street).

The Michelin-starred restaurant guarantees a delicious, indulgent menu, fine wine and picturesque, peaceful surroundings. With the option of private dining and plenty of luxurious hotels nearby, why not leave the kids behind and make a weekend of it – visit Windsor castle and enjoy the British countryside.

With the kids: Make pancakes as a family 

If there wasn’t enough time in the day to make pancakes on Pancake Day, take it easy like a Sunday morning and make our Banana Chocolate Chip Pancake Stack recipe for the whole family.

Then, snuggle up for a day of well-loved cartoons and chick flicks – we recommend starting with Lady and the Tramp.

For Palentine’s Day: Eat all of the chocolate

You can still celebrate Valentine’s Day with your one true love even if you don’t have a significant other, and that true love is chocolate.

Spend a day chocolate tasting with friends in Leeds, Cambridge or London at Hotel Chocolat at their Bean to Bar experience. Enjoy a glass of Prosecco on arrival then learn how to make chocolate straight from the cocoa bean and take home your very own goody bag.

Still haven't hit your chocolate quota? Stock up on supplies from Fenwick Newcastle's Luxury Chocolate Edit and you're sure to keep your friends happy.

For the Anti-Valentines: Watch 2oolander (Zoolander 2)

February 14th is a Sunday. There’s nothing special about it. So what would you normally feel like doing on a Sunday? Obviously heading to your nearest cinema to see the guaranteed roll-on-the-floor-laughing sequel to Zoolander: 2oolander.

Banish the Sunday blues at all costs with your best Blue Steel and your grumpiest, least romantic friends in tow. 

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By Lizi Woolgar