Celebrating simplicity while being kind to the planet, meet the founder behind a niche perfume brand that will make you fall in love with fragrance again.
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Celebrating simplicity while being kind to nature, meet David Frossard, the founder behind Obvious.
The scents are designed to feel like second, like your favourite white T-shirt. Familiar yet surprising, approachable yet distinct, there are many elements that make it an obvious choice for your fragrance collection, yet it is a breath of fresh air in the busy market.
“Our vision is not unique,” says David. “It is shared by a large community of people who are looking for quality, real luxury, and meaning.”
###### **How do you define Obvious?** Obvious is an evidence which seemed to be forgotten by other perfume brands. Evidence that perfume is used in the first place to indulge yourself. I have worked on fragrances which are not meant to increase your social positioning or your sex symbol abilities because those are just marketing tricks. Obvious offers amazing fragrances, inspired by nature , respectful of nature with our eco conceived packaging at a fair price. ###### **What makes it unique?** Our vision is not unique, it is shared by a large community of people who are looking for quality, real luxury, and meaning. We talk to educated consumers who think that less is more and don't believe in the catchy luxury. We make great perfumes, authentic, which are not pretending to be what they are not. We are true to ourselves and think that is the secret of style. And that's what makes us unique. ###### **Talk us through your creative process?** First of all we have 25 years of experience in Paris working for the best perfume houses. We like state of the art composition and are not interested in being provocative or disruptive. Our olfactive culture helps us to interpret nature truly but always with a nice and surprising twist allowing us to bring this pleasure of wearing that we are known for. ###### **Where do you turn to for inspiration?** The best moments in life are very often moments you have while you're outside in nature. Sleeping under the stars near the campfire, hiking on a mountain or spending the day at the beach. My inspiration is coming from those amazing landscapes which makes you spiritual but also by the state of mind you have while you are in nature.
###### **What makes the niche fragrance market exciting?** The niche fragrance market was exciting because it was a reminder that a perfume is a combination of great ingredients and great creativity. I guess big players were only seeing the perfume as a cash machine and forgot the essentials. We are perfume lovers, no copies or catchy fragrances in Obvious. ###### **For anyone new to Obvious, where should they begin?** Un Musc. Our signature scent, like a second skin, is comfortable, different. Like a great white T-shirt. ###### **What is your go-to scent to feel your most confident?** It depends on the time of the week or of the year, Une fleur d'oranger, Un Bois or a mix of them. You can play with Obvious fragrances creating your own olfactive signature by layering them. Une Vanille & a Patchouli is a must have. ###### **And what notes do you choose for the summer?** Fresh during the day like the amazing freshness we have been able to concentrate on our Verveine Scent. In the evening Un Été is a mix of coolness and sensuality to stretch the summer till the end. ###### **What excites you most about fragrance creation?** To imagine the pleasure and joy that those creation will bring to the wearer.