Follow professional therapist, educator and writer Victoria Evans into the Dermalogica world where all products are designed to address each person's specific skin concerns.
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Skin experts at Dermalogica employ scientific know-how to deliver a range of professional-grade skincare that combines the most innovative technologies and result-intensifying ingredients to target a range of unique skincare requirements.
Meet Victoria Evans, a skin care-obsessed professional therapist, educator and writer.
“I’ve spent most of my life in this exciting industry. I studied skin and beauty therapy straight from school, despite numerous grown-ups advising against it as a viable career choice,” she says.
“I’m glad I followed my heart! I’ve enjoyed 27 years indulging in my passion which hit an all-time high on joining the number one professional skincare brand, Dermalogica 20 years ago.”
###### **What makes Dermalogica unique?** Dermalogica was created in the early ’80s by a professional skin therapist, Jane Wurwand. On immigrating to the US, Jane recognised the level of skin therapy training was poor and skin therapists lacked the necessary skills and confidence to be successful. After founding The International Dermal Institute in 1983, offering skin therapists skills-based training with a mission to define and bring respect and success to skincare professionals, it became apparent there was another gap in the industry, a professional-grade skincare brand that delivered real results. In 1986, Jane launched Dermalogica, a minimalist brand with a cosmeceutical edge that rocked an industry dominated by neon, perfume, and frilly packaging. By elevating the importance of healthy skin over beauty, Dermalogica quickly became the number one brand used by professional skin therapists across the globe. ###### **What do you love about the brand?** I’m truly passionate about skin, in particular educating consumers and professionals on how to achieve their best possible skin. Education is part of Dermalogica’s DNA and I’m truly grateful to have a platform to share the brand's wealth of industry knowledge and exciting, innovative formulas.
###### **How has Jane Wurwand’s vision helped Dermalogica users express their individuality?** By offering personalised skin care advice and treatments to our customers, we empower them to make informed decisions about how to achieve their skin goals. We understand no two skins are the same and everyone needs their own unique program to achieve healthy skin. We’ve never subscribed to beauty norms or the idea that you can achieve flawless or perfect skin. We champion real skin and help our customers embrace their individuality and aim for realistic results based on what healthy skin looks like for them. ###### **What role does individuality play in skincare?** A big one! Dermalogica believes that every individual's skin is unique, and our products are designed to address each person's specific skin concerns. A Dermalogica-trained skin expert will consider the whole person before recommending products and treatments. Factors such as genetics, lifestyle, diet, and environment all contribute to the health and condition of our skin. Therefore what works for one person may not work for another, even if they have the same skin type.
###### **Give us your top tips for finding out our unique skincare requirements.** 1. Keep a skin diary noting how your skin responds based on all your lifestyle influences such as diet, sleep, stress, and climate. Learn how your skin responds at certain times to better adapt your regimen when needed. 2. Educate yourself. Reading something like blogs written by Dermalogica experts on the latest on trending topics will help you navigate what’s worth the hype. 3. Pop along to your nearest Dermalogica Counter at Fenwick and experience Face Mapping skin analysis. Face Mapping helps customers understand their unique skin concerns and how to address them. 4. Look out for Dermalogica events near you or digitally to learn from experts and experience new products. ###### **Complete this sentence, individuality is…** At the core of what we do at Dermalogica. At Dermalogica, we celebrate individuality and are committed to helping each person achieve their unique skincare goals.
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