Overnight Products
See our edit of the top overnight beauty products to target the skin’s repairing process and maximise your beauty sleep, from brands including REN, Lancome and Kiehls.
When Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger and awoke 100 years later with no wrinkles in sight, it was obvious that a lengthy beauty sleep had done her some good. Unfortunately many of us struggle to get the recommended eight hours a night, so we need to ensure that we’re using the best beauty products in our nighttime skin care routine. But with a wide range of lotions and potions available, which ones should we be reaching for? Dr Sam Bunting, dermatologist and YouTube skin expert, says: “The key with a sound skincare routine is to tailor it to tackle what the immediate issues are; so for day that means protection, hydration and defence. For nighttime, it’s all about repairing harm caused by the perils of daily living due to oxidative stress and ageing.” Overnight is a great time to target the skin’s reparation process, as our skin is more likely to respond to our skin care. Dr Bunting explains: “The skin is renewing itself all the time, 24/7\. This is not a process that only happens at night. However, nighttime is a great opportunity to address the changes that lead to ageing as our skin is makeup free. Choose skincare products that tackle concerns like hyperpigmentation or redness. It’s also a great time to stimulate and protect our collagen and elastin reserves.” To help maximise your beauty sleep, we’ve compiled an edit of the top nighttime beauty care products.
REN Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial

Known for their clever formulations and innovative products, the newest launch from skincare experts REN, the Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial, doesn't disappoint. The premise of this nighttime wonder is that it works like a facial – hence the name – and undergoes a three-phase treatment while you sleep.

First, beneficial acids and a special enzyme complex exfoliate the skin, shedding it of dead skin cells and leaving you with an overall brighter complexion. Next, glycogen and magnesium boost skin cell vitality, then social lactate raises the skin’s PH to fill it with moisture.

As complicated as it may sound, this product’s all-natural ingredients do a lot and nothing is required from you other than application and a good night’s sleep. Take two pumps and work the product into the skin on your face, neck and décolleté. In the morning, you’ll feel and see the difference with skin that’s even and refined.

REN Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial, £32, is available at Fenwick Bond Street, Bracknell, Brent Cross, Canterbury, Colchester, Kingston, Newcastle, Tunbridge Wells and York

Aromatherapy Associates Overnight Repair Mask

Treat your skin with Aromatherapy Associate’s Overnight Repair Mask. Packed with precious ingredients such as potential botanical extracts, strawberry seed extracts and nourishing oils from rice germ and millet seed, this mask tackles dry areas to restore the skin’s plumpness as well as a healthy and natural glow.

It also contains rose and frankincense, creating a beautiful scent that will transport you from your bed to a tropical nirvana. Simply apply the light, creamy product around your face, using slightly less around the T-zone, and let its fresh and floral scent carry you to sleep. As it melts into the skin, you’ll wake up to see clean pillows (it doesn’t leave any residue on your sheets) and incredibly soft, smooth and moisturised skin. It’s the perfect pick me up after a long night – we’ll be stocking up before the upcoming holiday season…

Aromatherapy Associates Overnight Mask, £59, is available at Fenwick Brent Cross, Kingston and Tunbridge Wells

Lancome Visonnaire Nuit Beauty Sleep Perfector

Lancome’s latest release, Visionnaire Nuit, is the perfect choice for those leading busy and hectic lives. Developed to easily slot into your skincare routine, this clever gel-in-oil is the ultimate skin saviour in a tub. Inspired by sleeping packs used in Asia, its unique formula targets lacklustre complexions and tired skin to leave you feeling fresh from the moment it’s applied.

Following on from their revolutionary Visionnaire Cream, Visionnaire Nuit’s gel-in-oil also has jasmonates – active ingredients typically found in the plant healing process – blended into its formula. Take a small amount on to your fingers and massage it all over the face and up your neck. Lightweight and nourishing, the fresh gel melts between the skin and fingers upon contact and transforms into a nourishing oil, which your skin will happily drink up.

Lancome Visionnaire Nuit Beauty Sleep Perfector, £60, is available at Fenwick nationwide

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

There’s a reason that a bottle of Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate is sold every minute - it’s a revolutionary product. Developed to aid skin recovery and to restore what your complexion loses through daily stresses, this water-free creation is heaving with skin-friendly plant-derived oils and carefully chosen essential oils.

Use the pipette to dispense around two drops on to the palm of your hands and gently pat it on to the skin while breathing in its gorgeous lavender scent. While it has a lightweight texture, do not be tempted to apply more as it's a powerful and potent formula. This means that it’s strong enough to use on its own, but if you have particularly dry skin then follow up with your usual moisturiser.

When you wake up in the morning, your complexion will appear fresh, radiant and nourished – like magic in a bottle. What’s more, it’s packaged in a midnight-blue bottle with gold writing, meaning it looks gorgeous sitting amongst your skincare products - almost as gorgeous as the skin it leaves you with.

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate, £36, is available at Fenwick Kingston, Newcastle and Tunbridge Wells

bareMinerals Active Renewal Night Serum

The best choice for those looking for a no-fuss purchase, this bareMinerals serum has a light formula, contains no overwhelming scents (making it kinder to those with sensitive skin types) and comes in easy-to-use packaging. The bottle’s accompanying pipette means you can control exactly how much of the serum you’re dispensing. After cleansing, take a pearl-sized drop of the serum into your palms and gently pat it around the face. You’ll feel your pores tighten up instantly, proving how well its fast-acting ingredients get to work.

While it’s not the final step in your overnight routine, we can guarantee that it really helps to provide that much needed added boost. Developed with a special ActiveSoil Complex, bareMinerals created this formula to give skin a helping hand during its overnight cellular renewal. In the morning, the skin feels a lot more supple and moist, compared to when you use just your cream.

bareMinerals Active Renewal Night Serum, £39, is available at Fenwick Bracknell, Brent Cross, Canterbury, Kingston, Newcastle, Tunbridge Wells and York

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum

Aimed mainly at tackling signs of ageing, Estée Lauder’s popular Advanced Night Repair Serum had an update to its formula a couple of years ago, leaving it even better than before (and boosting its reputation as a cult product). The serum was redeveloped to target purification of the skin and is non-comodegenic, meaning it’s kind to those with sensitive skin, psoriasis and eczema. While you sleep, hyaluronic acid works to retain moisture in the skin, which antioxidants get rid of toxins accumulated throughout the day - an overnight tidy up for the skin, if you will.

Dispense one drop across four fingertips on one hand and then touch the fingertips on both hands together. Massage it into the skin, beginning from the centre going outwards, remembering to move the skin upwards to retain elasticity. Its non-greasy formula means it sinks right into your skin without leaving it tacky. When you awake the next morning, your skin will not only look but also feel rested and fresh. We have no doubt it will remain a much-loved item within the skincare world for many more years to come.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum, from £50 is available at Fenwick stores nationwide