Trinny Woodall at launch of Trinny London make-up
We catch up with the makeover and make-up maven to talk about her innovative, easy-to-use collection, her top styling tips for Christmas party season and her best beauty advice.
Trinny Woodall has built a career on helping women to look and feel their best, and that’s the idea behind her innovative make-up range TRINNY LONDON, now available at Fenwick. [TRINNY LONDON]( has been designed with the modern woman in mind. Its creamy formulas make it easy to apply and build up into the colour and coverage you want, offering a truly personal make-up experience for every skin type and tone. Inspired by Trinny’s on-the-go lifestyle, the make-up comes in pots that snap together, allowing you to conveniently carry your favourite colours so you can refresh your look throughout the day. Here, we catch up with the makeover and make-up maven to talk about how she designed the line, her top tips for starting your own TRINNY LONDON stack, and her best beauty advice.
###### Who is the woman you had in mind when you started designing the TRINNY LONDON collection? I was inspired by the women who I see on my social media. They’re the women who have followed me over the years and whose voice I have in my head when they say things like, “I find it hard to do this” or “teach me how to do that”. They’re the women I speak to every day. ###### For someone beginning their own TRINNY LONDON collection, where should they start? Our Match2Me service is an easy way to find the make-up that perfectly suits your unique combination of skin, hair, and eyes. I think it all begins with having flawless, glowing skin, so our bestselling BFF Skin Perfector SPF30 is the perfect way to achieve this. It comes with a little T-Pot so you can start your stack straight away. After that, if you added LIP2CHEEK and LIP GLOW, you could easily do your whole face. ###### You’re visiting our stores as we launch your line at Fenwick. What do you love most about these events? I think when you’re an online brand, actually meeting your customer is the most amazing thing. We get to meet the people who have already bought into the brand, and they’re very excited that we are finally in a store. It's always fantastic to hear how these women have been using and loving the products. Then you have the women who come in and say, “I want to buy online but I don’t ever buy anything like this online” so I’m really grateful that we’ve made this decision to launch with Fenwick permanently. The Fenwick customer is very much our customer.
###### We are big fans of the creamy formulas you’ve used for all your products. Tell us about why you chose this format? I’ve seen so many women over the years layer their face with powder, and when you see that woman, you see the powder before you see her face. I never want women to feel like they have to camouflage their skin to the extent that they stop looking their best. With cream-based formulas, you can build up the make-up gradually to achieve a flawless complexion. ###### If someone wanted to transform their make-up from a day look to something more glamorous for the evening, what would you recommend? The joy of TRINNY LONDON is that we have a lot of colours that have a little bit of shimmer and depth to them, like our LIP LUXE collection, and just putting that on top of your day face, you can immediately amp up a more evening look. We have also just launched our new EYE2EYE Collection _Rocketman_, four cool yet flattering colours that sit on the wearable side of galactic, and the easiest way to take your look from day to night. ###### What’s your go-to outfit for parties throughout the festive season? A sequin top and a pair of well-fitting black trousers.
###### What was one of your biggest beauty faux-pas in the past? Orange fake tan. ###### Aside from make-up, what’s your best bit of beauty advice? SPF30, every day. Our BFF already has SPF30 in it so it's an easy way to add it to your routine. You should always review your make-up and application every few years to readjust to your changing skin, hair and eye colour. ###### What can we expect to see next from Trinny London? You’ll have to wait and see, but definitely more products that are personalised to each and every woman. _TRINNY LONDON is available at Fenwick of Bond Street, Brent Cross and Newcastle._