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As the weather gets hotter, our skin starts to change, so we need to adapt our skincare accordingly. In the second of our monthly series, we speak to Fenwick’s expert make-up artist, Frey-ja Barker, about the best skincare regime for the summer.
Summer is in full swing and with as we spend more time basking outside in the sunshine, it’s imperative that we start making changes in our [skincare]( in order to make sure that our skin is fully protected from harmful UV rays. Skin is not the same year-round, it changes seasonally, therefore it’s important to adjust your skincare routine accordingly.

A daily skincare routine can be easily broken down into three basic steps; clean your skin twice a day with a cleanser, use a moisturiser every day and to top everything off with some form of sun factor protection, whether it’s in a mosituriser or primer.

In the second of our monthly series, we speak to Fenwick’s expert make-up artist and personal beauty shopper, Frey-ja Barker, who has over 17 years of beauty experience – on her top tips for keeping skin hydrated and replenished during the summer. “During the summer season, I tend to veer towards products that contain vitamin c. It’s a wonderful ingredient that helps with pigmentation, discolouration and reverses the effects of sun damage,” Frey-ja divulges.

###### Let’s start with the first step of our skincare routine, [cleansing]( How should we cleanse our skin for the summer? FB: "In the summer, we tend to wear more SPF, therefore, I would recommend double cleansing the skin as it ensures that all the SPF comes off. [Charlotte Tilbury’s Goddess Cleansing Ritual]( comes as a duo of cleansing tubes, so cleanse first with the tube that contains vitamin C and coconut oil to remove any dirt or make-up off the face. Follow that up with the second cleanser, which is composed of bamboo extracts and charcoal and works to detoxify your skin. Remember to choose products catered for your skin type, and [Estée Lauder Re-Nutriv Intensive Hydrating Crème Cleanser]( is perfect for dry skin. Massage the cleanser onto the skin and then wipe it off with a cotton pad. In addition, [Clinique’s Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm]( removes long-wear foundations and make-up formulas, which are used heavily in the summer. It melts into an oil once it is massaged onto the face and removes everything. If you’re travelling and haven’t got much access to water, [Caudelie’s Micellar Water]( removes and cleanses in one step, and is designed with grapeseed extract, making it ideal for all skin types. Alternatively, [Bioeffect's Micellar Water]( is made with volcanic ash water and works well for oily skin." ###### Why is it important to use an [exfoliator]( for the skin? FB: "It’s important to use an exfoliator during summer because the heat increases the amount of oil produced on our skin and creates open pores. My favourite exfoliator is [Lancer Skincare’s The Polish](, it is gentle on the skin, feels incredibly exfoliating, and leaves a smooth, glowing finish. The exfoliator is composed of pure minerals, pumpkin and pomegranate enzymes, so it also gives the skin a slight acid peel at the same time. Dr Lancer would recommend to use it everyday, or on every second or third day for sensitive skin. Splash the face with water, massage the exfoliator around, then rinse it away. For something less granular, [The Ordinary’s Glyconic Acid 7% Toning Solution]( contains aloe vera and ginseng, so it soothes and calms simultaneously. Dab it onto a cotton pad, sweep it over the face, and then apply your nighttime skincare."
#### Frey-ja's Top Cleansers & Exfoliators
##### After cleansing and exfoliating, why is applying [serum]( the next step? FB:" Our skin is composed of three layers and most products only reach the top layer. Serums are designed with smaller molecules so that they can penetrate deeper into the second layer. If you have dry skin, use [Clarins’ Blue Orchid Oil]( as a treatment oil. It flushes skin with hydration and gives it radiance. There are a few ways to use it; either at night as a treatment or as a serum with a moisturiser on top of it, or you could mix a bit of it with your moisturiser for dewy, fresh skin. For all skin types, [Estée Lauder's iconic ANR serum]( repairs damage and works to reduce fine lines. If you find that your skin gets red from sunshine, apply the serum onto skin as it has a healing, regenerating finish to it." ##### After serum comes moisturiser, so what are the best [moisturisers]( for summer? FB: "For sensitive skin or anyone who has a high colour complexion, I recommend [Clinique Redness Solutions Daily Protective Base SPF15]( It offers a full spectrum of sunscreen protection and its oil-free formula has a slight green tint, which neutralises the skin. If you’re prone to breaking out, [this moisturiser from Dermalogica]( has SPF30 and vitamin C in it, which gives you stronger sun protection and reduces shine on the face. If you have dry skin, look to [Estée Lauder's DayWear Multi-Protection 24H-Moisture Crème]( It’s packed with antioxidants to prevent the skin from pollution, dirt, grime and free radicals, which attack the skin. One of my personal favourites, and a great all-rounder is [Charlotte Tilbury’s famous Magic Cream]( It’s designed with rosesweet oil, avocado, aloe vera and it doesn't leave a greasy or shiny finish so make-up can go straight on top of it. "
#### Frey-ja's Top Serums & Moisturisers
##### How do I protect or repair the area under my eyes from the sun? FB: "Eyes are normally the area that gets neglected from sun protection. Be cautious of using face moisturiser around the eyes because face creams are designed for skin that’s 50% thicker than the eye area. I suggest using an [eye cream]( like [Clinique’s Even Better Eyes](, as it works to reduce dark circles, which can be caused by UV damage. It’s perfect to apply in the morning after you wake up as it has a cooling applicator, so it gets rid off inflammation and puffiness. For delicate eyes, [Caudalie's Resveratrol Eye Lifting Balm]( is a gel formula that feels light and is packed with peptides, so it will hydrate and replenish your skin." ##### What do I do if I feel as if none of these methods are working on my skin? FB: "If my skin is feeling sluggish and I feel that nothing is working, then I would reach for a [face mask](! [Clarins’ SOS Hydra Mask]( is a gel lotion that’s really great for those that have been on holiday or on an airplane, because the skin becomes more dehydrated in hotter atmospheres. Think of this mask as giving the skin a long, cool glass of water to drink. Apply it once or twice a week on the face, leaving it on for 10 minutes before removing it with a damp tissue. If your skin is suffering from jetlag or feels wind-chapped, I recommend [Chantecaille’s Jasmine and Lily Healing Mask]( A hero product from the brand, it cools, soothes and hydrates the face." ##### Lastly but not least, SPF. What are the [sunscreens]( I need to protect my face from the summer? FB: "UV rays from the sun cause brown marks and pigmentation, so an SPF for the face is incredibly important. This [mineral-based sunscreen]( from [Clinique]( is gentle on sensitive skin and stays put throughout the entire day. [Clarins’ UV Anti-Pollution Day Screen Multi Protection]( is another oil-free formula with UV+ antipollution, and is designed for UVA and UVB, giving you the full range of sun protection. [Chantecaille's Lip Screen]( is a hydrating lip balm that has SPF15, so smooth it over the lips for additional protection from the sun."
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