From the hustle bustle of NYC to the vineyards of Bordeaux, we round up our favourite beauty brands from around the globe across skincare, fragrance and make-up.
No matter where you’re from, or where you travel to, there’s no denying that beauty is a phenomenon in every country. As something that’s incredibly personal to each individual, it translates into so many different methods of empowerment, with each country placing a unique stamp on what beauty means to them. From the Nordic landscapes of Iceland to the hustle bustle of New York City, we round up our favourite international beauty brands and the lessons they’ve taught us about [skincare](, [make-up]( and [fragrance](
##### **Iceland: Reykjavik** Home to beautiful landscapes and the Northern lights, Iceland continues to be one of the world’s natural wonders. Icelandic brand [BIOEFFECT’s]( founding ethos is to scientifically utilise organic sources to create high-quality, effective skincare and the [Volcanic Exfoliator]( thoroughly rids impurities with extracts of Icelandic micro-crystalline lava from volcano Hekla. Water is another key ingredient and the [OSA Water Mist]( is a weightless facial mist that’s formulated with pure Icelandic water to stimulate the production of collagen, resulting in soft, firm skin. The [Micellar Cleansing Water]( is also made with geologically filtered water, and we love the [EGF serum](, which we [reviewed about here](, as it visibly improves the skin’s thickness with a barley-based protein.
##### **France: Paris & Bordeaux** France is home to the largest amount of exported beauty products and from [Clarins]( to [Lancôme](, the list of brands is endless. Although there are several French labels we stock, legendary perfumery [Houbigant]( is one of the most important when it comes to fragrances. Established in Paris by Jean-Françoise Houbigant, the brand was a favourite of Marie-Antoinette and became most notable for creating the first ever Fougère (fern) fragrance with [Fougere Royale](, which was concocted in 1882\. In addition, the brand pioneered multi-floral scents with the [Quelques Fleurs Royale](, and it started the notion that fragrances could contain a mixture of floral notes. Moving on to the vineyards of Bordeaux, skincare brand [Caudalie’s]( approach to skincare is about harnessing the the region's greatest asset, grape seeds, as they are powerful antioxidants. The brand’s [Beauty Elixir](, which we [reviewed in this article](, is a particular stand-out and loved for its refreshing mist.
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##### **Japan: Tokyo** Beauty in Japan focuses heavily on skincare, and it’s become well-loved globally due to an emphasis on hydration, simplicity and radiance. Renowned for its science-powered products, beauty brand [Shiseido’s]( entire practice is rooted in innovation. Made with over 25 years of extensive research, the brand’s hero product, [Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate]( is a serum that powerfully protects your skin with a mix of botanical ingredients, including the reishi mushroom, which is used for its regenerative properties. Addressing concerns head front, the [Benefiance Wrinkle Smoothing Cream Enriched]( utilises ReNeura Technology to stimulate unresponsive sensory receptors so that the skin becomes more receptive to active skincare ingredients. Protection against UV rays is important in Japan, and the [Expert Sun Aging Protection Lotion Plus SPF 30]( is equipped with a full range of sun protection. Create dewy, radiant skin with the [Skin Glow Luminizing Fluid Foundation](, which gives you light to medium coverage and spreads beautifully over the skin for a glowing, sparkle-free finish.
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##### **USA: New York & Los Angeles** Across the pond, the USA is famous for being one of the biggest beauty-conscious countries in the world. Over on the east coast in New York city, [Bobbi Brown]( is the leading make-up brand and most reputable for celebrating natural beauty. Catering to a diverse range of women, the iconic [Skin Foundation Stick]( is designed in a wide range of shades and gives full, skin-like coverage. Enhance your features with the [Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner](, which is a gel-cream formula that glides smoothly and adds subtle definition. On the west coast, cruelty free LA-based brand [Hourglass]( is epitome of high-impact glamour. Capture a Californian glow with the [Ambient Lighting Palette](, which is sure to make you dazzle in every setting. Perfect your red-carpet pout with the [Unreal High Shine Volumising Lip Gloss]( Complete with a megawatt shine, it photographs beautifully against flash lighting.
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