Perfect Eyebrows
Vanita Parti, the brains behind blinkbrowbar, spoke to us about why she decided to start the threading specialist service, and how to pick the perfect brows for your face.
Thanks to the Cara Delevingne Effect, eyebrow maintenance has surged in popularity over the last few years. Eyebrows don't only affect the appearance of your eyes; a well-groomed brow helps to frame your entire face. Luckily, the ingenious blinkbrowbar, based at Fenwick Bond Street, Brent Cross and Tunbridge Wells, is on hand to help tame bushy brows. Vanita Parti, who was awarded an MBE earlier this year, explains that her idea for blink came from her own struggles to get her eyebrows threaded in Central London.
She explains: “The only places that offered the service were very expensive and often had a waiting list. I thought that it was crazy that London, the forefront of everything in fashion and beauty, had missed a trick and I became determined to introduce [the service] to Londoners.” After approaching various department stores, Fenwick Bond Street gave Vanita her first chair on the shop floor. “I brought threading to London in 2004 and made it more accessible to everyone who had a busy schedule and just needed to get a quick but amazing brow shape," she said. So what's trendy in the world of brows? According to Vanita: “At blinkbrowbar we always advise that you follow a shape that best suits and balances your face. There are certainly trends that could work universally like the current bold brow, but a woman will look beautiful if she works with her face rather than follow a trend.” ###### The best brows by face shape:
###### What to expect at Blink While there are many hair removal options available, Vanita swears by threading. “There is much more control with threading," she said. "It gets every hair out so gives a wonderfully clean finish and is therefore longer lasting. There is a lack of control with waxing and tweezing is slow and fiddly, which can result in uneven eyebrows.” Thankfully, Vanita's group of expert therapists make the process a cinch - they examine all factors of your brow to see what best suits your face shape. Your therapist will measure eyebrow length by checking that the start of your brow is aligned with the side of your nostril and inner corner of the eye and that the end is in line with the side of your nostril and the outer corner of the eye. They will also check your arch by ensuring that the highest point is aligned with the side of your nostril and your iris, and will determine eyebrow thickness depending on your face shape. Already set apart from other threading counterparts thanks to a virtually painless technique, your appointment will also end with a relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage.
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