My Beauty Routine with the Beautifect founder

This week, we are celebrating all things beauty and as part of our Beauty Gloss takeover, we are asking leading experts to spill the gloss on their top products and unlock industry secrets.

A dental surgeon, Dr Tara Lalvani stepped into the beauty world with a portable makeup studio for a modern woman, the Beautifect Box.

What sets it apart is the advanced luminous system which replicates natural daylight, so you can create the perfect look anywhere. The handy storage compartments for all your essentials make Beautifect Box the perfect travel companion or at-the-office beauty parlour. The best part? One full charge lasts up to a month so you don’t have to worry about plugging it in before using.

Dr Tara has since expanded the Beautifect world with other lighting options, makeup brushes, beauty blenders and more.

As someone who is on a mission to make your daily routine easier, we have asked Dr Tara to share her routine and expert tips.

Talk us through your morning routine.

I start the day with hydration, ensuring my water bottle is filled for the day, whether it is for a day in the office or travelling.

My exercise of choice is Reformer Pilates, it helps me to feel strong, I like to do this early in the day to energise me for the day ahead.

I use my white Beautifect Box to apply my morning skincare and I am currently storing my makeup in my Black Beautifect Box. The convenience of this means I can do my makeup from anywhere at home or if I am travelling to a day of meetings, this can be done from the car, ultimately saving me time.

How do you switch it up in the evening?

Due to the convenience of storing my skincare in a separate Beautifect Box, I can sit back, relax, and complete my skincare routine from anywhere. If I have had a long day, I like to do this on the sofa over my favourite Netflix show. Spa from home!

As part of my sleep routine, I cannot be without the Beautifect Silk Eye Mask, it is perfectly sized to block out all peripheral light, and the total blackout lining provides me with uninterrupted sleep.

I always try to ensure I get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep per night. I work across many different time zones and my mind and body need to reset and renew.

My Top 5 Beauty Tips

  1. Hydration is the key to maintaining healthy skin, staying hydrated is one of my non-negotiables.
  2. Sleep plays a pivotal part in the body’s regeneration and cell recovery process. It is not just a reset; it is one of the foundations to healthier, more radiant skin.
  3. I store all my skincare in a separate Beautifect Box from my makeup, my colour of choice for skincare is the White Beautifect Box. This allows me to sit back on an evening with the TV on and enjoy my skincare routine – this always feels like a luxurious pamper session.
  4. A great tweezer is a cannot live without item for me, my Beautifect Precision Tweezer grips even the faintest of hairs, removing hair from the root tip without any pinch of the skin. It comes in a beautiful nude vegan leather sleeve perfect for home and on the go.
  5. For skin maintenance, my favourite treatment is a Hydrafacial, elevated alongside an LED light therapy session, this helps with collagen production and supports my overall wellbeing.