Transform your hair with Rita Ora and Anna Lahey’s new brand TYPEBEA

Struggling with hair confidence? Our locks endure a lot of stress from external elements and styling so singer Rita Ora and Vida Glow’s Anna Lahey have decided to do something about it.

They are getting a bounce back in your hair (and step) with their performance-led haircare TYPEBEA. The four-piece product range caters to all hair types and is designed for those who want longer, stronger healthier hair.


The four-step system consists of:

G2 Strength + Length Shampoo, which is a volumising shampoo with salicylic acid to revitalise the scalp and support hair growth. It works to remove dirt and product build-up while also enhancing hair strength.

G3 Strength + Length Conditioner, which is a weightless, hydrating conditioner with plant-based keratin to support hair strength. It softens hair for easy detangling and delivers an anti-frizz effect for smoother-looking hair after a single application.

G4 Hydra-Gloss Treatment, which is a hydrating treatment mask that works in just 3 minutes to boost shine and prevent breakage. It’s nourishing without leaving hair feeling heavy and lank – so it’s great for people with fine hair.

G1 Overnight Boosting Peptide is a serum you apply to the scalp every day to promote hair growth and reduce hair shedding. It’s a water-based formula that you apply to your scalp and it absorbs so quickly. And because it’s water-based, and not oil-based, even if you have extensions in you can apply it and it won’t damage the bonds.

While Anna brings a wealth of experience from her hugely successful ingestible brand Vida Glow (available in Fenwick stores and online) as well personal struggles with hair loss, Rita understands the damage we can do to our hair as she has transformed her hair multiple times throughout her career.

"It took us about three years to develop," explains Anna. "We have a team of 30 staff in Sydney, and we spent a long time on product formulations. We didn’t want to rush it. We know at launch we will get interest in the brand because of the global community Rita has built, but beyond that, people need to enjoy using the products and see a real difference in their hair."

"It took us up to 16 rounds of formulations on some products to get it to a place we were really happy with. So I'd say it was a big three years of learning and overcoming challenges but now it’s out there and I’m so proud."

Below, the duo share their ambition for TYPEBEA and their hair journey.

What is your mission with TYPEBEA?

ANNA: First and foremost TYPEBEA is haircare for hair growth. But at the core, our goal for TYPEBEA is to help people redefine their relationship with their hair through truly incredible products that work - no matter your hair type. So that means straight, coily, curly, wavy, thin, thick, hair with extensions or colour-treated hair. It’s an inclusive range that works to stimulate hair growth in hair that is thinning, slow growing, damaged or just in people who want longer, stronger healthier hair.

RITA: We’ve both felt firsthand the impact hair can have on confidence through our own personal journeys. Hair is such an emotional concern, so we wanted to make sure we got this right. This really is a brand built on passion with a clear mission to change the way people feel about their hair. It was so important to deliver products that not only work on all hair types but empower women to truly love their hair again.

What can Fenwick customers expect?

ANNA:Consumers can expect a luxurious, sensorial experience across all touchpoints. From packaging and ease of use to bespoke fragrance, shelf presence and overall aesthetic - everything was considered to create a wash day routine that was completely effortless yet felt like a luxury.

The second component is efficacy. We had incredibly high standards for our TYPEBEA formulation process, ensuring we sourced the most effective ingredients that would allow our consumers to experience real hair growth results.

All of our formulation research led us to Baicapil, which is the recurring ingredient through the TYPEBEA Growth Range. Baicapil is an ingredient complex that is clinically studied to stimulate hair growth, increase hair density, reduce hair loss by 60%. Impressively, in clinical studies, the ingredient was shown to increase the number of new hairs on average by 12,500 to 38,000. We only wanted to use ingredients that are known to improve hair growth and this was the best ingredient that provided the best experience for people to want to apply daily.

How has your personal journey with haircare helped shape the brand?

ANNA****: TYPEBEA is inspired by our own experiences with hair loss and hair damage. And also the experiences of the people in our lives.

Through my other brand, Vida Glow, haircare and hair advice were one of the main concerns women were messaging me about on social media. Whether it was discussing post-partum hair loss, or they just wanted to know how they could grow their hair longer and faster.

I was very open about the significant hair loss I experienced due to a health condition. My hair was falling out in clumps everywhere, it was thin and I could see so much more of my scalp. It was incredibly stressful, and it took a long time to recover. During that time, my confidence took a hit and it really heightened the way I perceived my relationship with my hair.

Rita and I felt passionate about creating something that would deliver results but also instil confidence in people who were feeling low about their hair.

RITA: I’ve been doing this for over a decade now, and have always been really passionate about my visuals and how I look to really be a part of my music and image. I do whatever it takes to deliver that full package. And honestly, I love doing it. But the more I was in the industry, the more I realised how the constant changing of colour and style was horrible for my hair. And it eventually got to a point where I was like wow, I don't have any hair left! It complete shook my confidence.

I really wanted to find a world where I could do both - have fun and play with my hair as much as I like while keeping it in a really healthy condition. This led to my decision to delve into haircare and ultimately the creation of TYPEBEA with Anna.

For those new to the brand, where do they start?

ANNA: The range is designed around the best way to promote hair growth to deliver thicker and longer hair, without any unnecessary steps. We wanted good hair to be effortless. All of the products were ideated and created at the same time because they needed to complement each other in a routine.

RITA: That was so important to me, because I’m often wearing extensions, so I wanted the product to be used in hair that has extensions in. Not only for me, but often when women are experiencing hair thinning and hair loss, they invest in things like extensions to cover it and to feel better about their hair. So we wanted them to be able to use it too.

ANNA: It’s also important to note that when looking at hair growth specifically, a shampoo, conditioner or hair mask won’t do much to grow your hair - these are wash-off products and the active ingredients don’t stay on the scalp long enough to implement change in the hair follicle. But they can support hair growth by priming the scalp to create the healthiest environment for growth or strengthening the ends of your hair to reduce breakage which in-turn promotes length. This is why keeping consistent with a scalp serum daily, like our G1, is truly key to seeing hair growth results.

Talk us through your morning routine

RITA: I wake up according to what’s happening that day. It could be a shoot, or television, or I might be travelling to perform. In those cases, it’s somewhere around 6:30/7am, and I’ll get straight into exercise - that’s always a constant for me.

Either before or after my workout I’ll apply my TYPEBEA G1 scalp serum, and on wash days I use the G2 shampoo and the G4 treatment mask as my curls tend to be quite dry so they need a bit more hydration.

I’m also a crazy supplements person. I take mushroom powder in my coffee, I take my Vida Glow Collagen Liquid Advance. I have a whole set that I always take with me, no matter where I am.

ANNA: Every day is different. The kids will wake me up, or they’ll wake me up during the night. It’s all over the place. But normally I’ll wake up about 6am and look at my phone. I have coffee and my collagen. If I can, I train early. I have a tiny gym in my garage, and I follow apps to do weight-based workouts. I’ll wash my hair after training. My hair is naturally oily so I would normally have to wash it every morning. But using TYPEBEA lets me go one or two days without washing it because it really gives my hair that nice deep clean.

As for my TYPEBEA hair routine, I use the G2 shampoo and G3 conditioner, and the scalp serum daily.

What is the greatest hair lesson you have learnt?

RITA: I've learnt that it's really vital to prioritise hair health - especially after years of heat damage, colouring and styling. I wasn’t thinking as much about hair health as I am now and my hair is the healthiest it’s been in a long time. Using the TYPEBEA range has given me the confidence to cut my hair short and embrace my natural hair. I’m still on my hair journey, but the health of my hair has come a long way. And I think it’s something that people need to start incorporating in their everyday life.

ANNA: When it came to creating a haircare range for hair growth and health, my experience with Vida Glow led me to have incredibly high standards. I’m so passionate about creating products that deliver results, as well as a beautiful, sensorial experience for people to enjoy at home. However, developing a clean topical haircare brand was an entirely new but exciting learning curve for me.

What are your top hair tips?

ANNA****: We should be treating our scalp and hair the same way we treat the skin on our face. To achieve our healthiest hair, we really need to think about prioritising the environment in which it grows and thrives. So looking at the ingredients and products we use - are they hydrating and nourishing? Or are they actually quite harsh, irritating or stripping to our hair and scalp?

RITA: Prioritise your hair health in your everyday life. Even with my chaotic and busy schedule, TYPEBEA has made me realise how easy it is to actually put my hair as a priority in my routine.