Clean and Lean
Celebrating the launch of Bodyism’s Clean and Lean Café at Fenwick of Bond Street, we asked the brand’s founder James Duigan for his top personal training and wellness advice.
While we love the things we dress our bodies up in, taking care of what’s inside is just as important. To celebrate the launch of the Bodyism Clean and Lean To Go Cafe at Fenwick of Bond Street, we caught up with Clean and Lean founder and health expert James Duigan to hear the advice he gives to his personal training clients such as David Gandy and the Victoria Secret Angels, how to achieve health and happiness and how to work wellness into a hectic schedule.
###### What’s the philosophy behind Clean and Lean? It’s about being kind to yourself and choosing food that works for you. It’s not about good or bad - it’s about teaching you to tune into your body and listen to what it’s telling you, and letting go of shame and guilt so that when you’re eating you’re nourishing yourself, both with the food you’re eating and the thoughts you’re thinking and words you’re using. A lot of the industry is based on telling people they’re not good enough. We know diets don’t work statistically speaking, and we want to show people they can change their lives and empower them with the truth. It’s all in their hands and it’s really simple. ###### What does “healthy” mean to you? Healthy to me means energised, vibrant and happy rather than eating all the right foods and still feeling terrible about it. Health and happiness go hand in hand. Often I’m asked what the perfect body is - it’s the body you’re healthy and happy in. You can’t have one without the other. You could be healthy but absolutely miserable. It’s not about a specific body type or weight.
###### What advice would you give to people trying to stay healthy with a busy schedule? Clean and Lean has been designed with the busiest people in the world in mind - working mums (although there’s no such thing as an unworking mum). The one thing all of these people don’t have is time, and we’ve designed everything with that in mind. The recipes are simple and you don't even need equipment for the movements - you can do it in your living room, on your private jet or in the park. There’s no excuse. ###### You’ve worked with some high profile personal training clients - what regime do you put them under? We’re all frighteningly similar and we’re going through the same experience, except that some of us are on the cover of magazines. It’s all about keeping it simple and empowering people to listen to themselves and not rely on crazy fad diets. If something sounds crazy, it is crazy. Also, I tell people not to take nutritional advice from Instagram. A journalist has accountability and if they write the wrong thing they’ll get in real trouble, where as a blogger or Instagrammer will just delete the post and move on. A six pack does not qualify you to tell people how to eat. I’ve worked with a lot of celebrities, including the Victoria Secret girls, and it’s all about finding something that will work in a short amount of time - the quickest fix is to focus on health. ###### Where do you look for motivation? My children. I look at them and I want to be healthy and fit to be able to play with them and give them the energy they deserve. That’s my greatest joy in life. I want to be able to play tennis with my grandkids and surf with my son. Exercise is also its own motivation. Your body loves to move. I’m grateful I can do yoga and it’s heartbreaking some people aren’t able to. Move your body because some people can’t. _Visit the Clean and Lean To Go Cafe on the ground floor of Fenwick of Bond Street for a range of fresh shakes made with Clean and Lean supplements, organic coffees, wellness teas, smoothies and granola bowls._