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Life is like a box of chocolates, so what better way to show the one you love just how sweet it can be than with these decadent treats. Whether you’ve planned an evening of self-indulgence or want to proclaim your love; we’ve got the chocolate to mark the occasion.
From birthdays to [graduations](, congratulations and farewells, there’s no sweeter gift than the gift of chocolate. Whether you’re planning an evening of delightful self-indulgence or wish to treat a loved one, these deliciously decadent [sweet treats]( are the perfect accompaniment to any occasion. Classically rich truffles, humorous novelty shapes and deluxe boxes full of enticing flavours are waiting to be experienced. Whoever the recipient and whatever the occasion, our guide to truly indulgent chocolate is set to inspire. As famously quoted in Forrest Gump, "Life is like a box of chocolates" and we couldn’t agree more. From [Rococo Chocolates](, [Neuhaus](, [Choc on Choc]( and [The Chocolate Society](, expertly crafted chocolates rich in decadent flavours are waiting to be unwrapped.
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Rococo Chocolates

For those who adore a full flavour without scarifying taste, sample the finest ingredients and minimal processing with these Rococo Chocolates. Encased in beautiful packaging, unwrap the unique taste and expert craftsmanship by the finest cocoa enthusiasts. The Rococo Chocolates Rose and Violet Fondant Cream Gift Box puts an end to the age-old question ‘Chocolates or flowers?’. Filled with handmade rose and violet creams from organic essential oils, the rich dark chocolate topped with crystallised rose and violet petals are set to wow.

Rococo Chocolates Rose and Violet Fondant Cream Gift Box, £18.99


For those seeking something au natural, Neuhaus Chocolates provides a symphony of taste and textures to delight one’s palette. These exquisite sweet treats are created with the finest natural ingredients and perfectly paired flavours. The Neuhaus Chocolates Timeless Ballotin is filled with an assortment of iconic masterpieces, hand-filled with fresh cream and a variety of praliné, ganache and gianduja delicacies.

Neuhaus Chocolates Timeless Ballotin Copper Regular, £32.50

Choc on Choc

Nothing puts a bigger smile on a loved one’s face than when presented with a box of chocolates. Choc On Choc takes happiness to the next level with their mix of handcrafted Belgian chocolates and novelty designs. Trick their taste buds into believing they’re reaching for a decadent doughnut with this novelty chocolate.

Choc On Choc Single Doughnut, £5.99

The Chocolate Society

Classic meets contemporary with The Chocolate Society. Experimental flavour combinations mixed with traditional recipes means there’s something for every taste palette. Discover the decadent wonders of The Chocolate Society’s Orangettes for lovers of zest and citrus. A perfect post-dinner treat, these fine individual ribbons of candied orange peel have been enrobed in rich and sophisticated 70% dark chocolate.

The Chocolate Society’s Orangettes, £8.99

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