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Fenwick has always credited its shoppers with exceptional taste – and now we're delighted to be indulging those tastes quite literally, with the launch of our own label food. Handpicked and brimming with a host gourmet delights, discover the taste of Fenwick Food and Drink.
Fenwick has always credited its shoppers with exceptional taste – and now we're delighted to be indulging those tastes quite literally, with the launch of our own label food. Handpicked and brimming with a host of extravagant edibles and gourmet treats. We've scoured the British Isles for the growers, producers, bakers, winemakers, chocolatiers, roasters and distillers crafting the most irresistible, artisanal food and drink. Combining creativity and craftsmanship with proudly local ingredients, the range promises delights for all occasions and all times of day, from hand-blended tea and seasonal preserves in the morning to spectacular English wines and batch-roasted coffee (perfect with a square of our handmade chocolate after dinner). "We have always credited our shoppers with exceptional taste and are happy to be able to satisfy those tastes with the launch of our Fenwick range," says Leo Fenwick, Head of Brand, about the launch of our signature food and drink. "We have worked incredibly hard in the curation of the range and have engaged with the finest suppliers in the UK in its creation. Our core range will develop and expand over time with the regular introduction of new products. We will then introduce seasonal capsule collections such as our Christmas collection, during the year. We are very proud of the range we are launching and can’t wait for our customers to try the produce within it." From impromptu family gatherings to special celebrations, these are foods, drinks and moments to be savoured.
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##### **Time for tea** We've concocted the perfect warming drinks for all times of day, from well-rounded breakfast tea and hand-roasted coffee to indulgent hot chocolate. [Fenwick Breakfast Assam Whole Leaf Tea, £6](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/food/food/tea/loose-leaf-tea/breakfast-assam-whole-leaf-tea/2530012948772.html)
##### **Sweet somethings** If your palate tends to the lean towards something sweet, you'll find our selection of artisan chocolate utterly irresistible. Made by the finest producers, chocolatiers and bakers; our sweet treats will make any afternoon tea, midnight feast or moment of happy weakness something altogether luxurious. _From left:_ Fenwick Dark Chocolate and Stem Ginger Biscuits; Milk Chocolate Caramel Biscuits; and Blonde Chocolate Toffee Biscuits, each £8 (coming soon)
##### **Perfectly perserved** Our beautiful, handcrafted preserves do just that, bottling the flavours of the seasons to enjoy all year long. From Yorkshire honey to marmalade infused with Whitby gin, we've preserved the best of the British Isles for your breakfasting pleasure. _From left:_ [Fenwick Yorkshire Honey, £20](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/food/food/jams-and-preserves/honey/yorkshire-honey/2530012969913.html) ([Small Yorkshire Honey with Dipper, £10](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/food/food/jams-and-preserves/honey/yorkshire-honey/2530012969487.html) also available online); and Northumberland Street Honey, £10 _(in-store at Newcastle only)_
##### **Tempting tipples** Sometimes the moment calls for a celebratory drink (whether that moment is the delivery of good news or simply the arrival of cocktail hour...). Our gin liqueurs, infused with fruits and botanicals from around the nation, are reason enough to raise a glass to. From a zesty clementine-drenched aperitif to an aromatic plum-flavoured digestif, our artisanal liqueurs are sure to slake a sophisticated thirst. _From left:_ [Fenwick Blackberry and Ginger Gin Liqueur 50cl](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/food/wines-and-spirits/spirits/liquers/blackberry-and-ginger-gin-liqueur-50cl/2530012862955.html); and [Plum Gin Liqueur 50cl](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/food/wines-and-spirits/spirits/liquers/victoria-plum-gin-liqueur-50cl/2530012865147.html), each £25
##### **Festively Fenwick** It's the most wonderful time of the year – particularly with this array of delights to enjoy together. From drinks for making toasts to the ones that accompany your morning crumpets, here's all you need for a very Fenwick Christmas. From hand-blended tea for visiting guests, to chutney to brighten up Boxing Day morning, we've crafted everything you need for your seasonal gatherings. Beautifully packaged in bespoke illustrations for Fenwick by esteemed artist Julie Verhoeven, these fabulously festive picks make delightful Christmas gifts or centrepieces for your celebrations. [Fenwick Christmas range starting from £8](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/brands/fenwick) _*Please note, mince pies will only be sold in-store._
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