From repurposing Advent Calendars as jewellery storage to turning hamper baskets into toolboxes, we share our guide on how you can minimise Christmas’ effect on the environment without wasting your favourite festive keepsakes.
You're gearing up to open door 24, with your excitement growing each day to open the best Advent treat in the calendar. We want you to feel just as excited after you have opened each door, by gifting you a host of ways on how to reuse your Advent Calendar. We also have hamper baskets on the mind too, with ideas sure to take you far into the new year. We’re doing our bit to minimise waste and here, we share our guide on the best ways to reuse our favourite Advent Calendars and [hamper baskets]( From jewellery storage to toolboxes, it’s time to declutter and organise your home.
##### **How to Reuse: Beauty Advent Calendar** **Idea 1: Turn it into a jewellery box** Beauty Advent Calendars are perfect to reuse as a [jewellery]( box. With 24 little doors of varying sizes, it’s the perfect storage unit to stash away [rings](, [necklaces](, [earrings]( and more. In addition, use the delicate tissue paper inside each drawer to wrap your jewellery – keeping them in prime condition. **Idea 2: Store kitchen seasoning and spices** Another easy option is to turn your beauty Advent Calendar into a kitchen seasoning box. Perfect for those who love to cook, separate your spices into different drawers and place the calendar on the kitchen table so it’s easy to reach. From sea salt to pepper and dried herbs, you’ll have plenty of space to store your favourite seasonings. **Idea 3: Reuse as a sock drawer** [Socks]( always tend to disappear around the house, so keep them stored inside your beauty Advent Calendar by allocating one pair per drawer. This is great way to organise your socks and is perfect to use when you’re in a rush to get ready. Plus, use the larger drawers to store tights and thicker stockings – your socks will never go missing again. **Idea 4: Save for next year and fill it yourself** Tailor your own Advent Calendar next year by saving this year's box. Here's a great tip from one of the reviews on our 2019 Beauty Advent Calendar, "My wife says the contents [of this year's Advent Calendar] are better than last years, which has been recycled to contain toy farm animals - from Fenwick, naturally - for our granddaughter." Making your own version definitely has its perks, as you can hand pick each item - be it fashion, beauty or toys.
##### **How to Reuse: Hamper Basket** **Idea 1: Use it as a toolbox** Storage is key when it comes to hamper boxes as they come in big sizes and are often crafted from malleable woven wood for durability. Whether you’ve got a full set of tools or bits and bobs laying round the house, using your basket as a toolbox is a great idea as it keeps bulky, sharp items out of harm’s way and securely stored in one place. That way, whenever anything needs fixing around the house, you know where everything is kept. **Idea 2: Use as a kid’s toy box** Hamper baskets also make fantastic storage for [children’s toys]( as they contain enough capacity for large items. With a variety of toys that range from [action figures]( to [soft animals](, turning a hamper basket into a toy box is an easy way to tidy a chaotic bedroom and is easily accessible for playtime. **Idea 3: Bathroom toiletries** Tidy up a bathroom by using your hamper basket to store toiletries and necessities. Consolidate hand towels, toilet rolls and other items into baskets and place them on shelves, in cupboard or wherever there’s free space. This method helps to disguise daily essentials in a stylish way, while still keeping them within reach. **Idea 4: Store plant pots inside or fill with soil and turn into mini planting garden** Bring a bit of greenery into your home and turn hamper baskets into planters. Eco-friendly and a unique way to put a hamper to good use, fill a large basket with pre-potted plants and sit it on your kitchen windowsill. Alternatively, line your basket with fabric and fill it with soil – turning the basket into a mini garden you can plant flowers in.
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