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From warm hued decorative accessories to textured furnishings and lots of bedding, these are the simple yet stylish ways to make your home warm and cosy this winter.
There’s no denying the weather has gotten significantly colder in recent weeks (the odds of you reading this with an inviting [hot beverage]( in hand is probable!) which made us think of all the ways a home can be updated during the winter months; creating that sought after ‘winter cosiness’ we all seek. Afterall, as the evenings get longer, darker and colder; the time spent at home under the protection of the central heating also increases. With this in mind, we’re sharing a few of our latest homeware offerings, sure to add an inviting warmth to any home this season. From warm hued [decorative accessories]( to textured [furnishings]( and lots of [bedding](, these are the simple yet stylish ways to make your home warm and cosy.
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##### **Lots of layers** One of the most effective ways to add warmth to your home is by adding layers. Simple yet effective, this can be achieved through a woolly blanket draped over the sofa, plush comforters and cosy throws. We couldn’t resist adding the [Begg & Co Arran Scarf](; the pure cashmere composition makes it the perfect choice for keeping warm, and with its versatile simplicity and traditional tassel trim, it works as both an accessory to your wardrobe or home.
##### **Let there be light** Whilst you can’t do anything to stave off the winter gloom outside, you can lighten your home from within. Soft and diffused lighting works best for creating a warm and cosy environment, think richly scented candles adorned in dark ceramics. When you need to make your space a little brighter, try to avoid harsh or brash lighting. Instead, something with a warm-toned bulb or colourful lamp shade will help to cast a warm glow.
##### **Keep it personal** If you’re aiming for a cosy haven to unwind in, curating a living space that’s full personality can help make the rooms of your home look and feel all the more inviting. Personal touches such a photo frames, vases, prints and decorative accessories can help fill space and inject life. It’s important to create a space that feels like ‘you’ and reflects your own sense of style and personality.
##### **Comfort is key** If you can’t curl up in bed during winter, when can you? We spend a third of our lives in bed (perhaps more so when the weather becomes just a tad too cold) so it would be preposterous to settle for anything less than the finest bedding. Why not slip on a bedspread of fitted satin bedsheets and a pillowcase to match? Not only are they irresistible to the touch, but they are great for your hair and skin.
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