Tom Kerridge
We caught up with two Michelin-starred chef Tom Kerridge about his cooking journey so far, his top festive food tips, and his brand new kitchenware range at Fenwick.
Recently launched at Fenwick Newcastle and Bentalls Kingston, two Michelin-starred chef Tom Kerridge’s new kitchenware range is set to propel him into becoming a household brand. In the wake of this exciting chef-status benchmark, we caught up with Tom about his cooking journey so far, his top festive foodie tips and his favourite pieces from the new range. We've seen him on TV shows such as _The Great British Menu_, _Best Ever Dishes_ and _Bake Off: Crème de la Crème_, but Tom Kerridge has gone back to basics, swapping the screen for the spatula with his newly-launched kitchen and cookware range. We met the man behind the frying pan... ###### Hi Tom! We’re very excited to meet you and can’t wait to see your merchandise in store at Fenwick. But first things first: tell us what inspired you to get into cooking? There wasn’t a eureka moment, I just ended up in a kitchen as a job, washing up with a need for money, and actually fell in love with the lifestyle and the ‘being’ of a chef. ###### How would you describe your food? Robust, solid and British-based. All about the ingredients. ###### Tell us about your 2 Michelin-starred pub, The Hand and Flowers in Marlow, Buckinghamshire? We opened it in 2005, just myself, my wife Beth and my best mate behind the bar and a couple of chefs in the kitchen. We have just tried to get a little bit better at everything that we do, every single day. 11 years later, we have two sites on the same road, over 100 members of staff, and two Michelin stars. It is a great testament to everyone who works here or has worked here. ###### What’s your favourite dish to cook? Big fan of cooking omelettes, both at home and at work. We have a version of Omelette Arnold Bennett which has been on the menu from the very beginning. At home, I love throwing all sorts of big strong flavours mixed with eggs and cheese - tasty brunch style dishes with lots of flavour! ###### Name three ingredients you couldn’t cook without. Dairy, pork and a pan. ###### What’s your kitchen like at home? Induction hob and cupboards without handles that drive me nuts. I can’t remember which way they open! We are planning on changing it at some point! ###### Tell us something about you we won’t know? I’m really rubbish at cooking toast - every time I do it at home, I burn it! ###### What do you think the most common mistake people make when they’re cooking at home? Not reading a recipe all the way through before they start cooking it. There is nothing worse than starting to cook something then it says now leave for 24 hour - not good if it’s for tea tonight!
###### Top tips for festive cooking? Structure and organisation. Being prepared. You can even blanch or cook vegetables beforehand, and cook them again on Christmas day. Also, don’t drink too much and peak too early or you will forget what you are doing! ###### What food trends are you spotting at the moment? A lot of growing your own - people are beginning to buy into the understanding that food takes a lot of time and the different varieties that you can grow yourself. There is also a lot of fermentation. ###### As well as your books, we’ve seen (and loved) you on _The Great British Menu_, _Best Ever Dishes_ and _Bake Off: Crème de la Crème_, what has been your favourite TV venture and why? The first of _Great British Menu_ in 2010 because it was my first real adventure into television where I went on this incredible journey and cooked the main course for Prince Charles and Camilla. ###### Tell us about your merchandise range soon arriving in stores? It’s a celebration of British manufacturing. Small scale British industry does still exist - you just need to scratch beneath the surface to find it. The range is produced to the highest standards by British craftsmen, producing homeware products that not only look beautiful but can withstand the hard work of a kitchen. ###### What’s next for you? We are always talking about loads of exciting projects, on a personal and business level, but until anything is signed, we don’t get too excited in case it doesn’t happen. But my new book is out in January: _Tom Kerridge’s Dopamine Diet_! ###### Here's our top picks from Tom's British cooking collection:
Double Oven Glove
Double Oven Glove, £25
Chefs Knife
Chefs Knife, £110
Serving Board
Serving Board With Ceramic Dipping Bowl, Special Order Only, £150
Frying Pan
Frying Pan, £89
Enamel Baking Trays
Enamel Baking Trays, Small £42, Medium £48, Large £55
Cheeseboard, £90
Ceramic Bowl Set
Ceramic Bowl Set, Small £28, Medium £40, Large £60
Rolling Pin
Rolling Pin, £60
Stainless Steel Saucepans
Stainless Steel 3-Ply Saucepans, 6" £115, 7" £130, 8" £140
Textiles Gauntlet
Textiles Gauntlet, £20
Santoku Knife
Santoku Knife, £125
Chefs Cloth
Chefs Cloth, £15