Fenwick Baby Event 2019
Join us in-store at Fenwick Newcastle and Bentalls Kingston for our annual Baby Event. Brimming with inspiration, advice and exclusive offers; we sat down with birthing experts Ruth Sabrosa and Dani Diosi as we discuss all things Hypnobirthing.
Taking place from Saturday 5th till Sunday 20th October 2019, join us in-store at [Fenwick Newcastle](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/stores/newcastle) and [Bentalls Kingston](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/stores/kingston) for our annual [Baby Event](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/events/home/baby-event/a85b6a03-0516-4338-998c-82693391ef98). Brimming with inspiration, advice and exclusive offers, it’s set to be a blooming marvellous affair! Enjoy a wonderful array of offers across the nursery and baby departments throughout the event, as well as exciting in-store competitions running throughout the day. Plus, join us in-store on Saturday 5th October 2019 between 10am to 4pm for a splendid start to the event, where you’ll receive exclusive tips from our visiting experts on everything from buying the correct pram, sleeping and clothing, to the latest baby trends.
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In an exclusive interview before the event, we sat down with Ruth Sabrosa of Hypnobirthing & Mindful Mothering and Dani Diosi of MamaSerene. Both certified in hypnobirthing, and speaking at our Baby Event, each shared their insights into the birthing practise.
##### Ruth Sabrosa of Hypnobirthing & Mindful Mothering **What made you first consider hypnobirthing?** RS: "My husband and I attended NCT Ante-natal classes in preparation for the birth of our first child nine years ago and we were given 'hypnobirthing' to research as a method of pain relief for our homework. It conjured up images of Paul McKenna and stage hypnosis for us but when we investigated further it seemed like a good idea, it would give us tools to help me stay relaxed during the birth without any negative side effects. Hypnobirthing wasn't so popular back then and I struggled to find a class so I prepared myself using Maggie Howell's Natal Hypnotherapy CD for Effective Birth Preparation. I had such a positive birth experience that I decided to re-train as a hypnobirthing teacher eight years ago and have helped hundreds of couples in North East England, London and Portugal to create their own positive birth memories. I have since had two empowering home births using the techniques again myself." **What are the benefits?** RS: "Hypnobirthing helps the couple to overcome any fear and approach the birth feeling calm, confident and informed. It provides the mother with a set of tools and techniques to remain calm, focused and relaxed throughout her pregnancy and during the birth no matter how or where it happens." **What are some of the ways women and their birthing partners can practise at home?** RS: "Women and their partners can practise at home by listening to hypnobirthing audio tracks regularly. The Birth Rehearsal will give them the opportunity to experience the ideal birth in their mind so when it comes to labour, all the techniques will be in place and the mother will be able to access her inner calm no matter what is happening around her." **What are you most looking forward to about Baby Event?** RS: "I am really looking forward to returning to my home turf in Newcastle to share the techniques that prepared me so well for three positive birth experiences and supporting local parents to create their own positive birth memories." **What’s the one piece of advice you wish you had heard before giving birth?** RS: "Trust your instincts! It’s hard for modern couples to trust their instincts in a world full of noise but I really believe that women know how to birth their babies, they just need to learn how to quieten the external chatter so they can connect with their natural birthing instincts. I am looking forward to showing them how to do this at Fenwick's [Baby Event](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/events/home/baby-event/a85b6a03-0516-4338-998c-82693391ef98)."
##### Dani Diosi of MamaSerene **Why is it important to choose a birthing plan?** DD: "There has been a lot of comments in the press lately about how women who have birth plans are over precious, how midwives and doctors just laugh at them and it all goes out the window anyway. I think that is the equivalent of telling women that their opinions and wishes really aren’t worth the paper they are written on which is an absolutely appalling message to be given when you are, essentially, at your most vulnerable. Birth plans are so important, not because of the actual plan itself but because it shows your caregivers that you have done your research and you are aware of your choices. In addition, if you have a birth plan and things become more medical, consider what parts of your plan can you retain? For example, can you still have skin-to-skin once your baby is born or you would like your partner to reveal the baby’s gender." **Can the techniques learnt still be applied if the initial plan changes?** DD: "Absolutely! The most important thing to remember is that breathing and relaxation is going to benefit you and your baby however they are born. To be perfectly honest, the more medical the birth, the more the techniques come into their own." **What are you most looking forward to about The Baby Event?** DD: "I love meeting parents to be and giving them the opportunity to realise that there really are loads of things they can do to make the births of their babies very positive experiences. I’m also a total and utter birth geek and love talking about labour whenever I get the opportunity - my family friends won’t let me say anything anymore." **What’s the one piece of advice you wish you had heard before giving birth?** DD: "That is a really good question. I think it would have been so helpful to know that I could stand up if I was being continuously monitored. I gave birth to twins and I was actually handling the contractions well until they made me lie down - that’s when it became really painful. For the vast majority of women, being upright is going to make the contractions feel so much more manageable."
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