Established in 1760, Creed has become a leading perfumery renowned worldwide for artisanal fragrances that blend together fresh and enticing notes. Here, we reflect on the brand’s rich legacy and their top defining scents.
With over two hundred years of fragrance expertise, Creed has become internationally renowned as a top perfume house that crafts the finest aromas. Renowned for utilising fresh rose, Italian jasmine and Parma violets, each fragrance from the brand is meticulously crafted using traditional techniques, epitomising artisanal luxury. Here, we take a moment to reflect on the brand’s momentous history and understand the craftsmanship behind the bottles.

Creed’s story begins in 1760, when James Henry Creed founded the House of Creed, a luxurious company that created premium garments and bespoke fragrances, and served royals King George III and his granddaughter, Queen Victoria. Founded in London, the brand moved to Paris in 1854 under the patronage of Napoleon III and his Empress, Eugénie, and is still there to this very day. Quickly establishing a reputation for creating masterful, decadent fragrances, the brand has been passed through seven generations and is continued today by Olivier Creed (pictured left), who’s love of fragrance came as a byproduct of tailoring. Currently as the master perfumer, Olivier travels extensively over the globe to source and research raw ingredients, counting tuberose from India, Florentine iris and Calabrian bergamot as some of the notes he’s utilised in Creed’s scents.

A family business through and through, Olivier Creed and his son Erwin Creed (pictured right) helm the brand together and are set on delivering scents that encapsulate the finest artistry skills. Olivier, who gave the brand a new direction in the '70s, has conjured up fragrances together with Erwin - Millesime Imperial defining the essence of the brand. The French word for ‘best of the crop’, this fragrance is inspired by the maturity of vintage wine and exudes an Iris accord, which is the family’s favourite ingredient. Erwin has contributed with developing Himalaya and Original Vetiver, two strong fragrances that are composed of earthy, woody notes.

#### Fenwick Favourites: Five Creed Fragrances From the tantalising blackcurrant and Italian bergamot scents of [Aventus](, to the sweet Bulgarian rose accords of [Love in White for Summer]( and the lush aroma of [Green Irish Tweed](, here are our top five favourite scents that define Creed's masterful perfumery. Each fragrance from the house is hand bottled and labelled as an ode to the brand’s historic legacy.
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