With a host of denim brands launching on fenwick.co.uk (think rag & bone, Paige, J Brand and Nudie Jeans), we decode fit and style, and teach you how to keep your jeans looking store fresh.
You’re standing in the denim department, browsing the selection of jeans, and notice words like “bootcut”, “[slim-fit](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/men/clothing/jeans/slim)” and “[straight leg](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/men/clothing/jeans/straight)” percolating around the shelves. You have an idea of what it means but understanding the difference between the bootcuts to the slim-fits seems trying. To help, we’ve put together a quick style guide to arm you with the ins and outs of each style. And, we’ve just launched [denim](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/men/clothing/jeans) (and [menswear](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/men/clothing)) on our website, so there’s no better time to use this guide then now. #### Finding the Right Style There are five key shapes to consider when shopping for denim. Selecting a style considerably relies on your shape and the desired fit. For a lean and modern cut, forming to the body like a second skin, opt for the [Skinny](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/men/clothing/jeans/skinny). Thinking about a fit with a bit more room to move? Then try the Slim cut. Ideal for someone looking for a fit that mimics the Skinny but has a wider opening from the knee to ankle. Moving away from the formfitting shapes, the Straight leg is the most classic of cuts. Extra room is given around the thigh and leg, making this style more casual than its slimming counterparts. For more room around the ankles – space to wear your favourite boots, of course – the Bootcut is the perfect solution as it has the subtlest flare. And if comfort is key, we recommend the Relaxed fit, a look that is formfitting in the waist and loose elsewhere – it truly is the antithesis of the Skinny jean. Don’t know where to start? We suggest trying the classic Straight leg and going from there. #### How to Care for your Denim Determining how to care for your denim depends on the material. After you have decoded whether your jeans are composed of pre-washed or raw denim, divide into two piles. Do this by either reading the tag or inspecting the material. Does it feel stiff and the material full of colour? Then chances are it's raw denim, which should never be washed. Yes, that’s right. Since raw denim has never seen the inside of an industrial washer, the most efficient way of cleaning (and avoiding your at-home washing machine) is to spray with an air freshener, preferably with a fresh laundered-like scent, then fold and put into the freezer. The combination of the odour eliminating spray and the low temperature works to kill bacteria. Of course, should a stain from your morning coffee happen to find its way onto your jeans, we suggest to spot clean with lukewarm water and non-bio liquid soap. And, if your denim is pre-washed, simply wash in cold water with similar colours, and use an enzyme-free detergent. Instead of using the tumble dryer, hang upside down to air-dry. This will help with the longevity of the material, in hopes that your newly purchased denim remains an investment piece.
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