Set up your new season style with our guide to the ultimate capsule wardrobe for men, ready to meet (almost) every dress code and dilemma, with brands such as CLOSED, Aspesi and Barbour.
We're officially into spring and welcoming its transformation into our style. Set up your new season attire with our guide to the ultimate capsule wardrobe, ready to meet (almost) every dress code and dilemma. #### What is a capsule wardrobe? The idea of a capsule wardrobe is to curate a selection of clothes that all complement each other, so that any pieces you pair together create a stylish outfit. It’s a case of mixing and matching your tops with a few staple options of trousers to create an array of ensembles for every occasion, taking you from the office to the pub. Start off with the basics. You'll need plain [T-shirts](, like this grey one from [Sunspel](; a smart [shirt]( that'll work for both casual and formal situations; a favourite pair of [jeans]( (we can always rely on [J Brand]( to find ours); and a classic cool [jacket](, like this number by [Aspesi]( Then you need to find some style staples that you can rework with your basics. A beautifully crafted knit from [CLOSED]( will take you through every season to become a much-worn favourite. Add in some [chinos]( in a neutral shade and you can dress them up or down as you please. For spring, we'll throw in a pair of [shorts](, like these navy ones from [Hartford](, for those surprising hits of sunshine that give a hint of the summer to come. And finally, this season's standout piece, the shirt jacket, will be a worthwhile investment to finish off your outfits. It's great for layering, it's practical and it adds a touch of tailoring to your look, without making it feel too formal. #### How does it work? Take, for example, the [Barbour Oxford shirt]( featured below. Wear it with a pair of [Clifton chinos]( from CLOSED and a [Hartford Parker overshirt]( and you’re ready for a day at work. Dress it, instead, with the [J Brand Tyler jeans]( and [Aspesi’s Swing jacket]( and you’ve struck the perfect balance between dressed-up and pared-back for that dinner date in your diary. And when the weather warms and you’re heading to the park, roll up the sleeves and wear the shirt unbuttoned over the [Sunspel Riviera T-shirt]( with [Hartford Bobby shorts]( Let's think about those J Brand Tyler jeans (which you've already worn with the Barbour shirt to a dinner). When they’re paired with the [Gant polo shirt](, you’ve got a sophisticated casual Friday outfit. Swap the polo shirt for this [Saturdays New York City Xavier shirt]( and you’re ready for a night out with your friends in a look that exudes charisma. And when Sunday rolls around, you can spend the day with the family in the Tyler jeans and this understated [CLOSED knit]( for an elegantly masculine look. And that’s the trick to the capsule wardrobe: finding versatile pieces that work well together to create easily-styled outfit that make you look and feel good in every situation.
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