Daimon Barber Collection of Shaving Products
With the heat, humidity, perspiration and pollution, summer certainly takes its toll on your skin and hair. Our guide to summer grooming will keep you feeling fresh and looking your best all season, with brands including Clarins Men, Kiehl's and Tom Ford.
Whether you’re a two-minutes-in-the-mirror kind of guy or a man with a well-established grooming routine, the summer weather certainly takes its toll on your skin and hair. A few easy steps in the morning, however, will keep you looking fresh all season long. #### Skin It’s easy for pores to get clogged with dirt and sweat in the summer heat so opt for an exfoliating cleanser to scrub it all away and keep your skin clean and clear, like this one from [Kiehl's](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/search/?cgid=kiehls). Follow up with a high-impact serum, which is a concentrated formula of active ingredients to turbocharge your skincare routine – just a couple of drops rubbed in before your moisturiser delivers results you can see from the get-go. When it comes to your moisturiser, the warm weather calls for something lightweight and non-greasy. Better yet, a hydrating gel or jelly gives all the goodness of a cream while absorbing quickly, and this one from [Clinique](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/brands/clinique) has vital anti-pollution properties to boot. During these summer months, the area around your eyes needs extra attention – hay fever, squinting in the sun and a diary full of late night parties will damage the delicate skin, so gently dab a cream along the lines of the eye socket to prevent that fatigued look.
Kiehl's Oil Eliminator Deep Cleansing Facewash
Kiehl's Oil Eliminator Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Facewash, £19.50
Tom Ford Purifying Face Cleanser
Tom Ford Purifying Face Cleanser, £37
Lancome Men Youth Activating Concentrate
Lancôme Men Youth Activating Concentrate, £58
Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate
Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate, £38
Clarins Men Line-Control Cream
Clarins Men Line-Control Cream, £41.50
Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly
Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly, £31
Lab Series Age Rescue Eye Therapy
Lab Series Age Rescue Eye Therapy, £30
Clarins Men Line-Control Eye Balm
Clarins Men Line-Control Eye Balm, £33
#### Grooming No matter if you prefer a close shave or full beard, the heat can aggravate your follicles and the humidity can wreak havoc with your beard. Rich shaving creams, like this luxurious one from [Tom Ford](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/search/?cgid=tomFord), will help protect the skin while still providing a close shave, and post-shave balms are an essential step to help reduce irritation and keep your skin hydrated. For the more hirsute amongst us, summer is the time to really focus on your facial hair. During summer months, men produce more testosterone, which in turn results in greater hair growth - that’s where beard oil and combs come in. Beard oil helps to nourish both the facial hair and the skin beneath it, reducing the itchiness of growth, and using a comb to work the oil in ensures a tangle-free, soft and healthy beard.
Tom Ford For Men Shave Cream
Tom Ford For Men Shave Cream, £52
Kiehl's Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream
Kiehl's Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream, £16
Daimon Barber Post-Shave Balm
Daimon Barber Post-Shave Balm, £32
Liz Earle After-Shaving Moisturiser
Liz Earle After-Shaving Moisturiser, £21
The Bearded Man Co Moustache Comb
The Bearded Man Co Moustache Comb, £9.50
Tom Ford Beard Comb
Tom Ford Beard Comb, £30
Tom Ford Conditioning Beard Oil
Tom Ford Conditioning Beard Oil, £46
The Bearded Man Co Rio Essential Natural Beard Oil
The Bearded Man Co Rio Essential Natural Beard Oil, £12.99
#### Body and Hair Chances are, with the heat, humidity and perspiration, you’ll be showering more often throughout the summer months. Shower gels and lotions with earthy and spicy fragrances, such as cedar, tobacco and pepper are perfect for the warmer weather as they are subtle but masculine, and their nourishing ingredients will keep skin healthy throughout the season. The combination of heat and moisture in the air can result in dry, frizzy and unmanageable hair. Creamy textures will help to manage and style your hair without giving too much hold or weight, whereas clays are great for creating shape and adding texture. For a more primed look, try a light pomade, which gives long-lasting hold with a sleek finish.
Korres Cedar Shower Gel
Korres Pure Greek Olive Cedar Shower Gel, £9
Molton Brown Tobacco Absolute Bath and Shower Gel
Molton Brown Tobacco Absolute Bath and Shower Gel, £20
Molton Brown Black Pepper Nourishing Body Lotion
Molton Brown Black Pepper Nourishing Body Lotion, £25
Aveda Men Pure-Formance Composition Oil
Aveda Men Pure-Formance Composition Oil, £24
 Lab Series Hair and Scalp Protector SPF8
Lab Series Hair and Scalp Protector SPF8, £16.50
Aveda Men Pure-Formance Grooming Cream
Aveda Men Pure-Formance Grooming Cream, £21.50
Aveda Men Pure-Formance Grooming Clay
Aveda Men Pure-Formance Grooming Clay, £22
Daimon Barber Original Pomade
Daimon Barber Original Pomade, £20