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Combining sustainability and style, we round up five of our favourite labels who deliver great fashion in good conscience.
Thanks to growing awareness and concern, sustainability and style are no longer mutually exclusive. Here, we round up five of our favourite labels who deliver great fashion in good conscience. It is the very nature of the sartorial beast that fashion is always in a state of change. Fads come and go - and often come back again - and this turnover of trends has brought the industry to an unsustainable point of demand, production and waste. It’s now no secret that fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world, second only to oil, with disconcerting rates of greenhouse emissions, water waste and landfill. Thankfully, we are seeing another change in fashion and it’s one that is gaining momentum amongst both designers and consumers. Sustainability, once a word synonymous with dowdy-dressed hippies, is now a key concept throughout the industry and the driving force behind design, manufacture and retail. From seed to stitch to sale, brands are optimising the fabrics they use, the processes they follow and the methods of their design in ways that are kinder to the planet. Discover five of our leading brands who deliver great style with ethical practices, creating beautiful clothing with an eye to the world’s and humanity’s wellbeing.

Sahara exudes that bohemian chic aesthetic that can only come from adventures around the globe, meeting artisans the world over and celebrating the creativity found in different cultures. It comes through in the brand’s unusual cuts, playful proportions, rich colour palette and bold prints. The brand prides itself on its work within small communities, supporting skilled workers, while using sustainable materials such as hemp and Tencel (which is made from wood pulp) to create their beautiful collections.

Available at Fenwick Bracknell, Brent Cross, Canterbury, Colchester, Kingston, Newcastle, Tunbridge Wells and York

Sahara Aztec Jacquard Jersey Top
Sahara Aztec Jacquard Jersey Top, £99
Sahara Shimmer Linen Relaxed Shirt
Sahara Shimmer Linen Relaxed Shirt, £139
Sahara Ticking Stripe Linen Shirt
Sahara Ticking Stripe Linen Shirt, £149
Sahara Watercolour Aztec Top
Sahara Watercolour Aztec Top, £103
Seasalt Cornwall

For the three Chadwick brothers, their family-run brand Seasalt not only designs and manufactures easy-to-wear, practical and comfortable wardrobe staples but also highlights all the things they love about Cornwall. While their clothes pack a nautical punch, the brand is also lauded for its ethical practices and community involvement. Seasalt was the first ever fashion label to win the Queen’s Award in Sustainable Development and was also the first fashion label to gain Soil Association certification for their cotton garments. As well as producing their garments in the most responsible way, Seasalt supports local arts, charities and creatives such as Sea Shanty Festival and Fisherman’s Mission.

Available at Fenwick Canterbury, Colchester, Newcastle and Tunbridge Wells

Seasalt Climbing Ivy Jumper
Seasalt Climbing Ivy Jumper, £59.95
Seasalt Low Seas Sweatshirt
Seasalt Low Seas Sweatshirt, £45
Seasalt Stratus Skirt II
Seasalt Stratus Skirt II, £55
Seasalt Seamstress Dress
Seasalt Seamstress Dress, £59.95
Eileen Fisher

Defined by clean lines, simple shapes and muted tones, Eileen Fisher’s eponymous brand embodies a minimalist elegance and quiet sense of style. This designer is as concerned with the sustainability of her clothes as she is with their impeccable design. Not only does she make clothes that transcend seasons, and thereby removes the necessity to constantly buy something new, but almost 100% of the brand’s cotton and linen is organic and more than half the line uses sustainable materials. In 2009, the brand introduced a circular supply chain, which reuses materials and turns waste into the foundations of new products. Outside of its best practices, Eileen Fisher also supports initiatives that help women and young girls, grant programmes and community partnerships.

Available at Fenwick of Bond Street, Bracknell, Brent Cross, Canterbury, Colchester, Kingston, Newcastle, Tunbridge Wells and York

Eileen Fisher Mores Code Kimono
Eileen Fisher Mores Code Kimono, £370
Eileen Fisher Olive Ribbed Jersey Top
Eileen Fisher Olive Ribbed Jersey Top, £180
Eileen Fisher Grey Textured Knit Silk Blend Top
Eileen Fisher Grey Textured Knit Silk Blend Top, £190
Eileen Fisher Linen Jacket
Eileen Fisher Linen Jacket, £275

BITE Studios is inherently luxurious and cool, with exquisite tailoring, impeccable construction and boxy-yet-feminine silhouettes. The brand successfully combines this sense of luxury fashion with a focus on sustainable practices. Their naturally-sourced materials are 100% ecologically certified; everyone within their production process receives a fair wage, while garments are designed and made in London, which helps to reduce transport and shipment pollution. Furthermore, their clothes are designed to be worn perennially, rather than seasonally, and mixed and matched throughout collections, encouraging a slow fashion process that is kinder to the world.

Available at Fenwick of Bond Street

BITE Organic Cropped Grey Trouser
BITE Organic Cropped Grey Trouser, £260
BITE Organic Cocoon Duffel Jacket
BITE Organic Cocoon Duffel Jacket, £599
BITE Organic Box Shirt
BITE Organic Box Shirt, £499
BITE Organic 80s Collar Top
BITE Organic 80s Collar Top, £399

Oska’s womenswear mixes Eastern-inspired silhouettes and voluminous cuts with a definite sports luxe vibe. With its sustainable and ethical practices, Oska is as easy on the conscience and the planet as it is easy to wear. The exceptional quality and workmanship of its garments give them wardrobe longevity, and collections are manufactured in nearby countries, reducing travel pollution. Oska constantly optimises its production techniques to make them more efficient and more considerate, while working closely with their employees to ensure their absolute wellbeing.

Available at Fenwick Kingston, Newcastle and Tunbridge Wells

Oska Weste Undula
Oska Weste Undula, £189
OKSA Coat in Beam
Oska Coat in Beam, £479
Oska Ayan Jacket in Moon
Oska Ayan Jacket in Moon, £345
Oska Daliv High Neck Knit
Oska Daliv High Neck Knit, £229