From dresses to gifts, attending a wedding can be expensive. Find out how much the UK spends attending weddings here.
###### **Always the bridesmaid: How much does attending a wedding really cost?** With Champagne on every corner, delicious food and no excuse not to buy that dress you’ve had your eyes on for months, we all love a wedding. Wedding season is almost at a close and the team at Fenwick has delved into the true cost of attending weddings that aren’t your own. Have you ever wondered how much the average person spends? By surveying 1000 people, our study reveals how much Brits are spending on each wedding they attend.
###### **The average Brit spends £380 attending a wedding** Yes, and this is before buying a prosecco or two while you’re there. The average person will spend £380 on clothes, accommodation, travel, a wedding gift, hair and makeup per wedding that they go to. And, if you’re attending on average two weddings a year, over ten years you could spend £7,600 on weddings that aren’t your own. Let’s break this down further.
###### **The outfit: £82.53** According to our survey, the majority of women spend between £51-100 on their outfit for each wedding. The overall average spend on outfits is £82.53 per wedding which is split £92.65 for women and £73.17 for men. From dresses to jumpsuits, the options for [wedding guest outfits]( are endless no matter the formality of the occasion so we’d always recommend to start looking early to avoid a last minute panic shop! ###### **Hair and make-up: £41.50** When it comes to hair and makeup, people are spending on average £41.50 per wedding. Although some prefer to seek the help of a professional, the abundance of hair and makeup tutorials on social media means people are now able to learn how to create intricate looks at home only needing to buy a couple of extra products. ###### **A wedding gifts: £85.93** Choosing a [wedding gift]( for the happy couple can be tricky, and whether you’re going to buy a bottle of champagne, or something for their kitchen, knowing how much to spend can be a challenge. Our survey reveals that the average person is spending £85.93 on a wedding gift. When breaking this down by UK city, Leeds is the most generous city in the UK spending £124.91 per wedding on a gift. ###### **Travel and accommodation: £169.72** Some of the most beautiful wedding venues are in the middle of the British countryside, so can be a little remote. Travel and accommodation can make up quite a large proportion of the amount people spend per wedding. According to our survey, the average amount of money spent travelling to weddings is £75.99 per wedding. And, whether it’s in the venue itself and sometimes it’s a nearby hotel, accommodation is setting the average person back £93.73 per wedding attended.
###### **Which UK city spends the most when it comes to weddings?**
We looked at the total amount Brits have spent on weddings this year and which cities are spending the most and least. The Northern city of Manchester has the highest overall spend at £553 per wedding, 167% more than the city of Norwich, who spends the least at £207.
###### **Post-COVID, abroad weddings are back** There are some glorious wedding locations around the world, from Lake Como to the South of France, a destination wedding makes for a beautiful holiday even as a guest. An abroad wedding comes with a cost for the attendees however, and some people may even choose to not attend. Only 10.48% of people would travel anywhere in the world for a wedding, with most people willing to travel anywhere in the UK. Surprisingly, 12.08% of people are only willing to travel within their city.
###### **So, what about Hen and Stag Dos?**
It’s not just the wedding itself that can be an expense, if you’re lucky enough to be part of the bridal party or one of the groomsmen it goes without saying that you’re going to be attending a hen or stag do. Our study found that the average Brit spends £143.50 on a hen do, which when broken down by gender means that men spend £160.70 and women £124.23\. People aged 25-34 are happy to spend the most out of each age group at £175.86\. When it comes to stag and hen dos, different age groups think differently. When it comes to budgeting for the party, people aged between 25-34 spend the most at £176 per hen or stag. Hen and stag dos, especially if abroad can be expensive, so it’s possible that you might consider not attending one due to the cost. If you did refuse, you wouldn’t be alone. On average 50.70% of people would also consider not attending a stag or hen due to the cost. A common theme across each age group is that people prefer a UK based celebration. Luckily, the UK is full of beautiful spas and traditional hotels perfect for a hen do so there are endless options nearer home.
###### **How to invest in statement pieces to reuse over the wedding season** Post COVID, many of us have attended more weddings than usual, and will potentially have more in 2023 due to rearranging, which ultimately means more outfits to create. From [dresses](, to [bags]( and [shoes](, there are ways you can avoid the pre-wedding worry about what you’re going to wear by investing in statement pieces you can style differently again and again. And, according to our research, 23% of people don’t spend anything on their outfits, suggesting they’re already re-styling staple items they already have.
**On styling statement pieces, our style experts suggested:** 1. Get to know your body, and choose a timeless shaped block coloured [dress]( that you know you feel comfortable in. A wrap dress can be a perfect choice as there are multiple different ways you can tie them to create different looks. 2. Stick to a pastel colour such as sage green or pale blue that you can pair with multiple other colours. Alternatively, keep it neutral with a beige or camel colour. 3. Make sure you’re ready for any wedding by investing in a couple of pairs of different coloured [sandals]( or [heels]( These will transform a basic dress to create multiple outfits. 4. Run wild with your [jewellery]( Try a hooped earring rather than a stud, or a choker necklace rather than a long pendant piece to mix up the looks.
The beauty of investing in an outfit that you absolutely love and that fits you like a glove is that you can follow these rules for any party. Whether it’s planning for next year’s wedding season or even events over the Christmas period, choosing one staple and accessorising can be the way forward.
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