To celebrate a series of podcasts and beauty events hosted at Fenwick by The Outspoken Beauty Podcast, we sit down to chat to Nicola Bonn, host and creator of the podcast, and get a taste of what’s to come.
More often than not, we find ourselves in conversations with our friends that revolve around [beauty](, whether it be the launch of a new [make-up]( brand or the discovery of a wonderous product. As the host and creator of the Outspoken Beauty podcast, Nicola Bonn (_pictured left_) spends a lot of her time chatting all-things beauty and covering a variety of topics with a rota of guests that include [Bobbi Brown]( and Val Garland. With over 15 years of experience as a radio presenter for Classic FM, Magic and many more, Nicola’s always been passionate about interviewing people. The idea for the podcast came by means of a conversation with a friend of hers who worked in beauty and suggested that she combine her lifelong love of presenting and beauty together. Thus, [the Outspoken Beauty podcast]( was born. “I will only ever speak honestly on my show and because there are no rules with podcasting, I’ve been able to do that,” Nicola says. “You can't hide the truth from voice.” Here, we sit down with Nicola to talk about her favourite part of Outspoken Beauty and the lessons she’s learned from the guests.
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###### **What do you enjoy most about hosting Outspoken Beauty?** NB: “Hearing stories directly from women I talk to is my favourite part. Women really relate to beauty, and everyone’s got a product they love, so beauty is an amazing way to get to know. When I talked to Jodie Kidd, we talked about beauty and also her issues with anxiety. Sometimes, a scientist will come on and they’ll provide a lot of information, but what I love is when I hear a story I’ve never known about, and when people share their vulnerabilities.” ###### **You and your co-host, Pro Artist Cher Webb, have such a natural dynamic with one another. How did you meet?** NB: “I was looking for a co-host for this extra show and some friends suggested I meet Cher (_pictured right_). When we met, we just hit it off and I knew we would work well together. She’s a make-up artist and such a natural, warm person. As we’ve worked together, we’ve become really good friends so it’s been exciting to see that.” ###### **What are some of your biggest beauty takeaways from the guests you’ve had on the show?** NB: “Paula Begoun came on the show and she was so honest and real about [skincare]( I’ve learned so much from her about what we should and shouldn’t be doing with our skin. I also had Laura Radford, who’s a formulator, on the show and I really learned about how the language in beauty marketing isn’t always right, so being equipped with knowledge is really powerful. Listening to women, like [Bobbi Brown](, who’s achieved so much, share their stories on how they’ve done it, has also taught me so much.” ###### **Who are your dream guests?** NB: “[Charlotte Tilbury](, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama and Lisa Eldridge are all women who I'd love to talk to. For me, I’m always interested in strong women and their relationship with their image and learning how they utilise beauty and what it means to them.” ###### **Growing up, who did you turn to for beauty advice?** NB: “My grandma and my mum. My grandma was a fashion designer who worked every day and was always absolutely immaculate with her lipstick and nails. I loved watching her take her make-up off - it was mesmerising. My mum, who is a very successful, ambitious woman, always had her red nails and feisty fragrances. We shared a passion for products, and she'd come home and introduce me to new things.” ###### **What can we expect from your Fenwick events?** NB: “Expect that the conversations may go into all sorts of directions! I really want women to feel empowered by the [event]( and for them to go out on a high. Some of the events will be talking about hero products, make-up, skincare techniques, but at its soul it'll be about strong women using beauty to give you strength. [My events]( are always very open to the floor so if anyone's got any questions, just interrupt me whenever!” ###### **In your opinion, where do you think the future of beauty is heading towards?** NB: “The whole theme of the events we are doing is about celebrating being an individual, and I think that's where beauty is heading. In this era, globalisation has been going for ages and we all want to be who we are, so [fragrances]( are a becoming more personalised and [make-up]( is moving towards a more natural look. We've gone from contouring to actually working on skin, so I think [skincare]( is going to be more and more successful. I also think the beauty industry is going to need to be a lot more transparent and sustainable, as we want to know where things are coming from and where things are been made.” ###### **Lastly, what's coming up for Outspoken Beauty?** NB: “Lots of brilliant content with some amazing guests lined up! I want to focus more on getting into [health and wellbeing](, as well as discussing taboo subjects openly and continue doing more events!”
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