For over four decades, Molton Brown has continued to craft unique fragrances with an exceptionally British stamp. We speak to the brand’s senior perfumer, Carla Chabert, about the creation of the iconic Fiery Pink Pepper and Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel fragrances, and the essence of Molton Brown scent.
Since first starting out as a hair salon in 1973, [Molton Brown]( has become renowned worldwide for encapsulating fine British luxury with an assortment of products that range across [fragrance](, [haircare]( and [bodycare]( Housed in sleek, elegant bottles, each formulation from the brand fuses together bold notes and vibrant colour palettes, reflecting a deep love for artisanal craftsmanship. Opting to mainly source from unique plant extracts, the brand continues to bring perfumery to the forefront with masterful concoctions. Here, we take a closer look behind some of Molton Brown’s most iconic fragrances with the brand’s senior perfumer, Carla Chabert, and discuss the makings behind a universally loved scent.

As the creator of two of Molton Brown’s best-selling fragrances, Fiery Pink Pepper and Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel, Carla is always on the hunt for scents that resonate personal connections. “I grew up in the south of France and remembered the smell of jasmine from the hills, next to where I lived,” she fondly recalls. Born to renowned master perfumer, Jacques Chabert, perfumery runs in her blood and for her, it’s important to always create a scent that exudes confidence and positivity. “You want people to be happy with what they’re wearing,” she says. “The signature of Molton Brown is that we’re a British brand that always builds scents around natural ingredients.”

###### **When you set out to build and create a new scent, what’s the first starting point for you?** CC: “The brief is incredibly important to me, because as soon as you have a frame [of the fragrance], you can start building the scent, whether it’s focused on a colour or something more poetic. My father always taught me to be faithful to myself. From my point of view, you have to make a scent that’s wearable, beautiful and is something that you should be proud of, even if it’s not your favourite smell.” ###### **From finding inspiration to experimenting in the lab, what is your favourite part of the creation process?** CC: “I have a lot of fun working as a perfumer, and before I came into this industry, I wanted to be a film director. I got into perfumery through my mum who wanted me to come meet a client of my father’s perfumery house, Fragrances Essentielles, and in that moment, perfumery clicked with me. I love how it’s so artistic, yet technical. In perfumery, you train to recognise smells and mix them together. Our job is very empirical. The final fragrance doesn’t always turn out to be what you’re expecting it to be, but you always continue to try.” ###### **Fiery Pink Pepper and Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel are scents that have become synonymous with Molton Brown, what went into the creation of these fragrances?** CC: “[Fiery Pink Pepper]( is a flamboyant celebration. I fused an exuberant floral heart with hints of apricot and accents of osmanthus so that the overall composition is pink, which takes inspiration from the vibrancy of fuchsia. It’s vivid, spirited and alive with sensuality. On the other hand, [Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel]( is a rich interpretation of an Azure blue and reminiscent of aromatic spices and aquatic stretches. I used an emerald-hued cypress leaf with accents of warm yellow to lift the colour to a sparkling turquoise. I also added nuances of vetiver and a trace of leather to give it an intriguing depth.” ###### **Fragrance is an incredibly sensorial experience; how do you find a way to evoke emotion through fragrance?** CC: “Perfumery is about making people feel confident and it should make you feel comfortable. Even though scent is invisible, you should feel seen when you’re wearing [perfume]( The worst thing a scent can be is blasé, because that means that it’s emotionless. I don’t stick to the same ingredients and I break the rules by going back to the basics and ensuring that a fragrance always embodies enthusiasm and is simple.” ###### **What’s your advice for helping someone find their signature scent?** CC: “Fragrance is like clothing; it defines what you want to be. It’s a bold statement and I find it interesting when the statement doesn’t fit with who you see in the mirror. Find a scent that makes you feel sure of yourself.” ###### **Lastly, is there a particular fragrance from Molton Brown that is your favourite?** CC: “My favourite [Molton Brown]( fragrance is [Tobacco Absolute](, which my sister created! I love the fact that it’s more a skin fragrance and it feels very comfortable without being overwhelmingly sweet. It’s the ultimate [genderless fragrance](”
##### **Top Three Most Iconic Molton Brown Fragrances**
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