fenwick confidence campaign
We’ve partnered with some of our most beloved fashion brands to discover the confidence-boosting pieces from their latest collections, how their designs empower the women that wear them and their own journeys of self-confidence.
To continue our [confidence story](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/daily-muse/article/?cid=ca6207f7-a315-44f3-a862-18ccec3ea3f1) for 2019, we have partnered with the designers and great minds behind some of our most beloved fashion brands to understand more about their own journey with self-confidence and how they use their designs to empower the women that wear them. From British icons [Paul Smith](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/brands/ps-paul-smith) and [Barbour](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/brands/barbour) to the trend-setting founders behind brands RIXO London, Mother of Pearl and Olivia Rubin, we asked each designer to hand-pick a look from their current collections that they believe epitomises their brand’s interpretation of confidence. Whether it’s embracing bold colours, finding a piece that fits you perfectly, or doing your part in supporting fashion’s sustainable movement, discover the edit below.

Power dressing isn't just a style choice, it's a state of mind. Dressing with conviction can have a significant affect on the way you feel, as designer and CEO Amanda Wakeley says, "The power of what we wear should never be underestimated".

Known for her beautifully cut ready-to-wear pieces, her popular dresses are the perfect addition to your wardrobe — with the ability to work for all style situations, and for whatever life throws at you.

Kirsty wears: Amanda Wakeley Midnight Viscose Knitted Midi Dress, £595; Available at Fenwick of Bond Street; Georgiana Scott La Toro Hoop Earrings, £125; Available at Fenwick stores nationwide

British brand Jigsaw believe that fashion is temporary, but style is timeless. Their mantra is reflected in their collection of refined pieces, such as tweed coats, well tailored trousers and classic roll-neck jumpers, which can easily slot into your wardrobe and are guaranteed to make you feel effortlessly chic.

Kirsty wears: Rafia Tweed Edge to Edge Coat, £250; Roll Neck Slouchy Rib Jumper, £130, Black Stretch Cigarette Trouser, £98, all Jigsaw; Available at Fenwick Bracknell, Kingston, Newcastle & York; Alexandrine Boule21 Earrings, £45; Available at Fenwick of Bond Street, Newcastle & York

The power of a brand's ability to create buzz is hugely important, especially when starting out in an already competitive industry. The women behind fun, vintage-inspired brand, RIXO London, have cultivated a large cult-following on social media thanks to their stand-out designs.

Founders and friends Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey explain how this connection with their customers made them "feel even more confident about our brand. It means so much to us when we hear that we’ve helped someone feel their best when they’ve worn RIXO".

Kirsty wears: RIXO London Rose-peach Spot Dress, £325; Available at Fenwick Newcastle & York; Carel Superbe Glitter Stretch Ankle Boots, £420; Available at Fenwick of Bond Street; Georgiana Scott La Graduata Hoop Earrings, £160; Available at Fenwick stores nationwide

The people around you can have a direct impact on the way you feel. Fashion designer, Eudon Choi, explains it's important to surround yourself with the right people to help you feel your best, "My team consists of bright, energetic and charismatic females who are always there to support me."

Kirsty wears: Spirell Top, £340, Carolyn Trousers, £420, both Eudon Choi; Available at Fenwick of Bond Street

Vibrant colours can often produce mood-enhancing qualities, so what better way to put a spring in your step than with a splash of colour?

With her beloved rainbow-coloured creations, fashion designer Olivia Rubin agrees, "The bright hues and added sparkle of the DANNI dress is one of my go-to dresses for special occasions and events where I want to feel confident."

Kirsty wears: Olivia Rubin Danni Bright Rainbow Sequin Dress, £485; Available at Fenwick Newcastle; Alexandrine Boule21 Earrings, £40; Available at Fenwick of Bond Street, Newcastle & York

The fundamentals of any wardrobe start with a number of key basic pieces that will provide a base for outfits to see you through every occasion. But basic doesn't have to be boring.

Upgrade your everyday pieces, such as coats, jackets and boots, with bold prints, colours or textures to mix things up – this pastel quilted jacket from Barbour is a brighter take on their more classic designs.

Kirsty wears: Barbour Endrick Quilted Jacket in Light Aqua, £169; Available at Fenwick Bracknell, Brent Cross, Canterbury, Colchester, Kingston, Newcastle, Tunbridge Wells & York

A perfectly-fitted suit can truly work wonders for your confidence. The master of tailoring with a twist, Paul Smith uses bold colours in rich fabrics for a modern take on the traditional silhouette.

Kirsty wears: PS Paul Smith 2-button Fuchsia Jacket, £450; Available at Fenwick of Bond Street; High-waist Fuchsia Trousers, £220; Multi-button Shirt, £140; both PS Paul Smith; Available at Fenwick of Bond Street, Brent Cross, Newcastle & York

Feeling confident is often about being brave, which sometimes means going out of your comfort zone and embracing a bold print or pattern. This beautiful shell-print dress is sure to make a statement, but thanks to its flattering cut it's likely to suit a whole range of body types.

Carmen Borgonovo, co-founder of Borgo De Nor says "Wearing colourful prints and uplifting colours are always powerful mood-enhancers… the most important thing is to not let fear and challenges hold you back".

Kirsty wears: Borgo De Nor Ruffle Waist Shell Print Dress, £675; Available at Fenwick of Bond Street; Maia Earrings, £220; Minerva Necklace £380; both Soru; Available at Fenwick of Bond Street, Kingston & Newcastle

Supporting a cause that's important to you is empowering and can have a significant affect on your mood.

As Amy Powney, Creative Director at Mother of Pearl explains, "Confidence comes from within and from feeling good in your skin." She says "Working on sustainable clothing genuinely makes me feel good from a moral standpoint, but my designs work best when I feel body confident in them".

Kirsty wears: Mother of Pearl Polka-dot Wide-leg Satin Trousers, £395; John Smedley Classic Round Neck Knit, £140; Both available at Fenwick of Bond Street

Make-up by [Charlotte Tilbury](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/brands/charlotte-tilbury/beauty)