Barbour 125th Anniversary
The Barbour 125th Anniversary collection sees a range of iterations of men’s jackets, women’s coats and accessories of its bestselling products, available for a limited time. To support the collection, we visited the Newcastle upon Tyne factory to see where Barbour magic is made (and crafted).
The Barbour factory in Newcastle upon Tyne is a magical place. Walking around the exterior of the complex, hidden away in the green-tinted buildings, we were eager to see what treasures lay behind those walls. The anticipation of visiting the Barbour factory has us just as excited as when the [Barbour by ALEXACHUNG collaboration was announced]( We are here to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the British heritage brand. And, much like Fenwick, the storied brand remains family-run, and is very much integrated in the culture of North East England. Upon arrival, we are greeted by the Operations Manager, who is set to take us through the factory. The double doors open, and there’s a sea of Barbour employees working on the latest iterations. We are told there are 153 people who work at the factory, with a collective 2,000 years of experience. The staff are busy working away at the 2,600 jackets the Newcastle factory produces weekly – from the beloved Bedale to the bestselling [Beaufort style]( All the waxed jackets are produced here, and 95% of each waxed jacket is handmade because of the delicate material.
We are taken to the first position, where up to 100 sheets of fabric are piled and cut at one time. These patterns are then sorted into type and fed through to the rest of the factory line. We watch the corduroy collars and the pockets being assembled, and then watch the armholes being carefully sewed together. Each employee specialises in one task, as it improves efficiency and quality. Around 46 pairs of hands make each jacket, with each taking 72 mintues and a full day to make its way around the assembly line. We stop at Jackie _(pictured above)_, who is sewing together the lining and the exterior shell of the pockets for the Bedale jacket. She’s completed 28 years of service at Barbour and has no plans of slowing down. The average length of service is 14 years, which speaks volumes about the brand. Barbour has a repairs service – aptly named Bespoke – where you can take any Barbour coat, regardless of purchase date and level of repair needed, to your local authorised-Barbour retailer (Fenwick included) to be assessed. Each is repaired, restored and reproofed, with the average repair taking 55 mintues. The brand promotes sustainability and minimising waste – and the Bespoke services do just that. The 125th Anniversary collection sees a range of [men’s jackets](, [women’s coats]( and [accessories](, available for a limited time. The brand is celebrating the Barbour family who since 1894 have nurtured, guided and led the company from its small beginnings supplying mariners with oilskins in South Shields to the global lifestyle brand it is today. You can shop the 125th Anniversary collection [here](, as well as in [all Fenwick stores](