Mary Katrantzou x Fenwick
We have some note-worthy news. Discover the exclusive six-piece Mary Katrantzou x Fenwick capsule collection, designed for summer season soirées in mind (think the races, regattas, gallery openings and a host of weddings). Now available to shop online and at Fenwick of Bond Street.
“Unique, innovative and artistic,” Mary Katrantzou proudly describes of her eponymous brand. She’s spot on with that description, as each creation since the launch of her namesake label in 2009 is exactly just. From conception, her use of bold digital prints carved a path for her in the burgeoning London fashion crowd. “Working with prints creates a very strong visual language and I use that to tell a story about the wearer,” she explains. For me, and many others, it was her Spring/Summer 2011 collection that established her as a household label and garnered her international success. Because it was, well, the strong architectural prints and the reimagination of a lampshade-turned-skirt that had editors murmuring her name around the halls of well-known publishing houses. And, rightly so, that recognition – as well as securing NewGen funding for six consecutive seasons with the British Fashion Council – catapulted Mary’s label into the upper echelons of London Fashion Week and into hearts (and homes) of Britain’s fashion connoisseurs.
Mary Kartrantzou x Fenwick
[EXCLUSIVE Mary Katrantzou Osprey Dress]( [£1,390](
Afterall, London is very much intertwined into the DNA of the brand – and intrinsic to how she concepts and designs. “London has definitely set the course for my career; it’s a unique place for being inspired and working as a creative. I would have never had such support in another city,” Mary explains. Since graduating from the Fashion MA program at Central Saint Martin’s, her studio and circle of influence has remained in the British epicentre. Mary notes her former course director Louise Wilson as the biggest influence on her career, “She was a great mentor and spent a lot of time pushing me to a place I had never been before. Louise saw something she felt was authentic and knew when I felt insecure to encourage me to push through my own boundaries.” And Mary continues the mentorship by paying advice forward where she can to emerging designers. “Be brave and take risks; chase your dreams; and work hard to make them come true!” We couldn’t agree more.
So, what does the Mary Katrantzou woman look like to her in 2019? “She’s confident but humble, strong-willed and generous. She’s bold and open to newness; loves to travel; and enjoys art,” Mary notes. It’s easy to draw parallels of the Mary Katrantzou woman to the Fenwick woman, which bridges together the most unique collaboration. A six-piece range of five dresses and one jacket, perfectly designed for the Fenwick woman’s summer season soirées in mind (think the races, regattas, gallery openings and a host of weddings). Mary designed the backdrop of the capsule collection with laser focus, with her eye set on nature; from flowers to butterflies and insects. Her favourite from the range? “The Osprey in pale pink – it’s very versatile and feminine,” says Mary.
Mary Katrantzou x Fenwick
[EXCLUSIVE Mary Katrantzou Sunday Dress, £1,265](
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_The Mary Katrantzou x Fenwick capsule collection is available to [shop online]( and in-store at [Fenwick of Bond Street.](