Devoted to designing clothes that embody strength and confidence, Roksanda Ilincic has become known for her bold dresses, which reflect a deep love of architecture. Here, we take a look at her creative process and the designer shares why colour and craftsmanship are so key to her collections.
The first thing that strikes you about [Roksanda Ilincic's dresses](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/brands/roksanda) are their bold colours. From bright fuchsia to deep burgundy, her dresses are sure to stand out from the crowd because of their unexpected combination of vivid and vibrant hues. “Colour is always used in a bold, unapologetic way,” Roksanda says. “It’s the combination of a few different elements and very often, beautiful opposites.” Having launched her eponymous label, [Roksanda](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/brands/roksanda) in 2005, her design philosophy has always focused on crafting clothes that empower women and reflect strength and confidence. “Women who wear my designs are independent,” she says. “They dress not to please others but for their own joy.” For the designer, it’s essential that women feel free and powerful in her clothes.

Based in London, Roksanda heavily focuses on brainstorming different techniques with her team and expresses a real love of craftsmanship through distinctive shapes that sculpt and shape the body. The Serbian-born designer initially came to fashion by way of architecture, of which she obtained a degree in at the University of Arts in Belgrade. This led her to complete a MA degree in Womenswear, with a specialisation in eveningwear from Central Saint Martins in London.

Her SS20 collection draws inspiration from the artworks of Mary Weatherford, who combines colourful paintings with industrial neon lighting. The collection resulted in a range of elegant, refined dresses, detailed in bright colours and elevated with unique pleats and folds. Creating vibrant clothes is Roksanda’s way of bringing out the best of the women who wear them. “I like the concept of building and creating three dimensional forms,” she says. “It’s like putting on soft, feminine armor.”

And if the designer could dress any women present or historical in her designs, who would it be? “I think it would be Pina Bausch,” she replies. “There’s a dress in my collection that’s inspired by her and her incredible dancing.”

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