Bloggers Hedvig Opshaug and We Are Twin posing
When it comes to summer dressing, we appreciate all the help we can get. Thankfully, fashion bloggers Hedvig Sagford Opshaug and We Are Twinset are here to talk about transitional pieces, travel essentials and beauty must-haves.
As the mornings get brighter and the days get longer, there is no denying that summer is (almost) here. With the warmer weather and a calendar full of parties, and a holiday (or two!) to pack for, we could all do with a little help when it comes to our summer wardrobes. We sat down with fashion bloggers [Hedvig Sagford Opshaug](, and Sarah Ellis and Philippa Bloom from [We Are Twinset]( to talk transitional pieces, travelling tips and their summer tipple of choice. ###### What 3 fashion pieces does every woman need in their summer wardrobe? _Hedvig Sagford Opshaug (HSO)_: An easy breezy summer dress that takes you through garden parties and weddings as well as a trip to the French Riviera. A mid-heel sling back that works with everything, and a basket bag – I just can't get enough of them. _We Are Twinset (WAT)_: A wear-it-anywhere white dress is a must-have. A lightweight coat to throw on over anything, day or night – we swear by a denim jacket or a khaki shacket. We also recommend a pair of wide-leg stripe trousers that will take you from work to the bar, and are great for holidays too. ###### We all know how volatile the Great British Weather is – any great transitional pieces to help prepare for it? _HSO_: I swear by easy throw-ons like an oversized denim jacket, loose knitted cardigans and trenches. They all work with everything and by incorporating these I can get the most out of my summer wardrobe so it can extend into autumn. _WAT_: It's all about layering: think a perfect t-shirt paired with a leather jacket and light wash jeans for a failsafe transitional look. ###### What are your tips for holiday packing? _HSO_: Packing will never be my best friend but over the years I've learned to downsize by bringing along versatile pieces that work together and can be layered. _WAT_: Pick a colour palette and always pre-plan your outfits. We always have everything styled before we go, it stops us from over-packing every time! ###### What’s your summer tipple of choice? _HSO_: I'm not really a fan of sweet drinks, but I love spice and I actually travel with chilli in my handbag on my trips. My favourite tipple would be a skinny spicy Margarita – just chopped spicy chilli, lime juice and tequila on the rocks. It’s super refreshing and won't give you a headache. _WAT_: We can't say no to a G&T but for Sarah (who is pregnant) tonic with elderflower cordial is the next best thing! ###### What are your tips on dressing for a special occasion, such as a guest at a wedding? _HSO_: Don't think too much about rules as they limit you. These days, you’re allowed to think outside the box. If in doubt, pull out your favourite gown that you've worn many times before and work around it with new accesories. _WAT_: We love getting dressed up and have learnt a few tips along the way for making sure we feel our best all day long. We always opt for a comfy shoe – it's just not worth the pain at the end of the evening! A spray tan goes a long way during the British summer, especially when we wear those gorgeous pale hues! Finally, we always have a couple of minis in our bags for the night – a mini hair spray, tit tape and mini perfume to always keep us feeling fresh. ###### What’s your must-have fashion accessory for summer? _HSO_: A novelty basket bag. _WAT_: Shoes all the way - we can't get enough of a statement slider this season. ###### What are your three favourite beauty products in your stash right now? _HSO_: I swear by products from By Terry. I can't go a day without their Baume de Rose lip balm, it's fantastic. Bobbi Brown's bronzing powder is a no-brainer, and as for skincare I've used Dermalogica products for years now, which is perfect for my sensitive skin. _WAT_: Charlotte Tilbury Mascara, Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder bronzer and the NARS highlighters – they are our desert island must-haves! ###### What’s your ideal soundtrack for summer? _HSO_: I've got hold of some amazing playlists from my man. Currently the track _Take Your Time_ by Life on Planets with David Marston rolls non-stop. _WAT_: Sigala featuring Digital Farm Animals, _Only One_ playing on repeat! _For more top tips and style advice, you can catch Hedvig Sagford Opshaug at Fenwick of Bond Street on Tuesday 15th May where she will be styling outfits to suit every summer occasion ([find out more here](, while We Are Twinset will be appearing at Fenwick Bracknell, Colchester and Kingston ([find out more and book tickets here]( We've got a whole host of exciting events like this throughout The Summer Season - check out our [What's On]( page to stay up-to-date._