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Discover the socially-conscious brands in-store at Fenwick paving the way with ethically-produced fashion that doesn't skimp on style - so you can look good, and feel great whilst doing it.
Not so long ago, the words 'ethical fashion' likely conjured up images of beige, shapeless pieces that probably wouldn't have made it into your wardrobe, but things have changed. With the sustainability revolution, the fashion world has thankfully taken note, and now we have a host of socially-conscious and stylish brands in-store to choose from - meaning those hempy beige pieces are long gone. As an exciting roster of brands step up both their fashion and eco credentials, there's a much wider range of ethically-produced and well-designed [fashion]( and [accessories]( you’ll actually want to wear. So you can look good, and feel great whilst doing it. #### What does ethical fashion mean? Ethical fashion is the pioneering movement to design, source and manufacture clothes in a way that benefits people and communities, while minimising impact on the environment. With lots of brands moving to sustainable production methods and socially-conscious partnerships, there's much more opportunity to buy better. Here, we're highlighting five brands that place ethics at the heart of everything they do. After all, it’s cool to be kind. #### Mother of Pearl: No Frills Born out of trying to create a product with a transparent supply chain, organic materials, socially responsible mind frame, environmentally-friendly ethics and great quality, the sustainable No Frills collection from [Mother of Pearl]( is a prime example of how to create the best possible luxury product, without forfeiting on design. Designer brands, take note.
mother of pearl no frills
Mother of Pearl: No Frills Cotton Ruffle Cuff Top, £195
Mother of Pearl No Frills
Mother of Pearl: No Frills Tie Waist Shirt Dress, £495
mother of pearl no frills
Mother of Pearl: No Frills Printed 'Pearly Queen' Tee, £125
mother of pearl no frills
Mother of Pearl: No Frills Tie Waist Fringe Skirt, £275
#### Alex Monroe Completely inspired by nature, [Alex Monroe]( aims to produce [jewellery]( with little environmental impact, and use recycled materials wherever possible. Historically, the brand has long supported environmental charities, and their latest sea-life collection 'Oceans' is no different, with £10 from every piece sold being donated to support Friends of the Earth's mission to end plastic pollution and protect our incredibly precious oceans.
alex monroe angelfish earrings
Alex Monroe Angelfish Drop Earrings with Starfish Studs, £180
alex monroe whale necklace
Blue Whale In-line Necklace, £210
alex monroe starfish earrings
Alex Monroe Asymmetric Starfish Stud Earrings, £105
alex monroe whale hoop earrings
Alex Monroe Baby Blue Whale Hoop Earrings, £195
#### Agolde Using innovative and sustainable farming techniques - including cotton grown from non-genetically modified plants - LA-based [denim]( brand Agolde has created an authentic brand with an effortlessly cool and modern aesthetic. By committing to care for the environment with a thoughtful production process, Agolde wants to make sure you feel just as good about your denim as you do in them.
agolde jeans
Agolde Jamie High Rise Classic Jeans in Passenger, £220
agolde jeans
Agolde Riley Straight Cropped Mid-rise Jeans in Pink, £230
agolde jeans
Agolde Riley Jeans in Air Blue, £200
agolde jeans
Agolde 90s Mid-rise Loose Fit Jeans, £240
#### Gerry Weber [Womenswear]( brand [Gerry Weber]( is proud of their transparent production process, and abide by strict sustainability standards to make sure each piece of clothing is made in the best way possible. Much of the brand's collection is made using skin-friendly organic cotton, and some garments even contain a sewn-in traceability number which you can enter online to learn about each individual who has contributued to it's manufacture.
gerry weber jumper
Gerry Weber Dots Jumper, £90
gerry weber dress
Gerry Weber Knotted Detail Dress, £150
gerry weber blouse
Gerry Weber Bow Blouse, £80
gerry weber shirt
Gerry Weber Polka Dot Blouse, £80
#### Alighieri Having quickly built up a cult-following on social media, London-based [accessories]( brand, Alighieri is taking the jewellery world by storm with their beautiful poetry-inspired pieces. Promoting the ethos of investing in long-lasting jewellery, rather than short-term throw-away pieces, the brand creates unique handmade designs from recycled bronze, ethically sourced in Italy. Each piece corresponding to one of Dante's 100 poems.
alighieri earrings
Alighieri The Infernal Storm Earrings, £350
alighieri bracelet
Alighieri The Storyteller Cuff, £640
alighieri necklace
Alighieri The Fractured Poet Necklace, £210
alighieri earrings
Alighieri Baby Lion Earrings, £420
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