Autumn is here and it’s time to elevate our make-up with seasonal colours. In the fourth installment of our monthly series, we speak to Fenwick’s expert make-up artist about how to master a colourful smokey eye and the best lipstick shades to match.
Apart from being the best time for layering and hot beverages, autumn is the perfect time to reach for make-up, and to introduce seasonal colours into our looks. Whether your preference is defining your eyes or perfecting your pout, there’s something for everyone to play with, especially as the cooler weather means that our make-up won’t be melting off anytime soon. Here, we speak to Fenwick’s resident make-up artist and beauty personal shopper, [Frey-ja Barker](, about her top tips and colours for a smokey eye, and the perfect lipstick shades for the season.

“To really create an autumnal look, don’t be afraid of going a bit darker and richer with the tones,” Frey-ja advises. As per her signature, choose your favourite feature and add colour to it. Generally, if you want to go big on the eyes, go softer on the lips, and if you're doing colourful lips, go soft on the eyes. "It’s important to get the canvas [your skin] looking its absolute best, especially if you’re going to play up the eyes more.” For smokey eyes, a good tip is to imagine that you’re creating a "V" shape that’s flipped on its side from the outer corner, so that the lower part of the "V" would sweep along the top lash line and the upper part of the "V" goes into the socket line.

###### **Since we’re adding colour to our eyes or lips this season, how can we achieve a radiant complexion without overpowering our make-up?** FB: “If you want to step-up your [coverage](, [Chantecaille’s Future Skin]( is a gel foundation that feels like water on the skin, or opt for a stick foundation, like [Tom Ford’s Traceless Foundation Stick]( Draw it through the face, before using your fingers to smudge it in. Set everything with [Charlotte Tilbury’s Genius Magic Powder](, which is a light diffusing powder that doesn’t leave you looking matte or dull.” ###### **Let’s move on to eyes. What are easy formulas to use if we’re new to creating smokey eye?** FB: “If you want something quick and easy, opt for [cream eyeshadow sticks]( For a simple smokey eye, smear it on and smudge it in. Use a lighter shade under the eyebrow like [Bobbi Brown's Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in Vanilla]( Then apply the main colour across the lower two thirds of the eyelid. A classic shade would be [Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in Taupe](, which is a soft brown. Another shade that’s perfect is [Laura Mercier’s Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Grey Pearl]( To vamp up the eyes, reach for [Laura Mercier's Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Plum](, which is a rich mauve tone that’s great to apply along the lash line.“ ###### **To step up our eyeshadows with colours, what shades are perfect to really define the eyes?** FB: "To really define the eyes, use [powder eyeshadows]( and always remember to blend! For a classic daytime smokey eye, [Charlotte Tilbury's Luxury Palette in The Uptown Girl]( has light, neutral shades that enhance and give an extra bit of drama with a touch of sparkle. Start with the shade on the top left hand corner and work clockwise around the palette, with lighter shades underneath the brow and darker colours towards the lash line."
###### **To finish off the eyes, what are you best recommendations for eyeliners and mascaras?** “My favourite [eyeliner]( is [Tom Ford's Eye Defining Pen]( It has two bristle ends, and one end is very fine, which allows you to really create a thin line. If you want to add a pop of colour to your eyes, [NARS' Eyeliner Stylo in Atlantic]( is a dark navy tone that gives a subtle definition. A great eyeliner to use with a smokey eye is [Clarins' Waterproof Eye Pencil in Smoke Wood](, which is a grey tone that enhances depth. A [mascara]( that I use a lot is [Eyeko’s Lash Alert](, which lengthens, curls and volumises and stimulates lash growth. For va va voom lashes, use [Charlotte Tilbury's Legendary Lashes Volume 2](” ###### **For those of us opting to add colour with our lips, what shades are perfect for autumn?** FB: “Firstly, find a [lipstick]( in a formula that suits you. If you’ve got dry lips, [Chantecaille’s Lip Chic]( is a cross between a lipstick, lip gloss and a balm, making it incredibly moisturising. My all-time favourite shade is [Anais](, which is a nude that suits all skin tones. A beautiful autumnal lipstick shade is [Cala Lilly](, which has a slight plum red undertone and is very sheer, making it easy to wear. [Dahlia]( is another shade that's perfect for those who'd like subtle red lips."
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