Wrapped scarves, long sleeves and ankle-length hemlines make up part of the modest fashion look. Here, we take a look at what the style is about and how you can adopt the look into your everyday ensemble.
Expressing a refined sense of style, modest fashion has steadfastly been making its way into the style of our wardrobes. Think long hemlines, flowing sleeves and creative layering. This is a style that embraces covered-up silhouettes and reflects a rich sense of cultural diversity. It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly defines modest fashion, however, the essence of it is about having an awareness of covering up. While it may have originated from religious and religo-ethnic desires, it is a style for women of all backgrounds, regardless of age, race, culture or belief. It also comes at a time in fashion, where there are more options than ever for us to reflect our personal style. Here, we take a look at what makes up modest fashion, the staple items and how you can encorporate it into your wardrobe.
##### **Scarves** A major part of modest fashion is accessorising with [scarves](, and there are several ways you can wrap one around your head, from securing it into a front knot or leaving it hang down and loose. Opt for silk scarves as they are lightweight and easy to wrap around the head. [Louisa Parris’ colourful scarves]( feature a mixture of prints and the [Noe Triple Georgette Scarf]( masterfully combines purple and red shades. Scarves are also a great way to showcase striking patterns and [Paul Smith’s Swirl Square Scarf]( features multi-coloured stripes, while [Elie Saab’s Flower Silk Twirl Scarf]( is detailed with contrasting blue tones and [Max Mara's Gerbera Swirl Scarf]( is decorated with a classic chain design.
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##### **Creative Layering** Perfect for the seasonal transition, layering is all about accentuating the body in a unique and creative way. Think about pairing contrasting items together to create a silhouette that’s covered-up and interesting to the eye. With boundless options available, the easiest way to layer is to throw some form of outerwear over your outfit. [Weekend Max Mara’s Bobbio Trench]( is perfect for mid-transitional dressing. Its collarless neckline allows for you to layer it over a high-neck tops, and its shorter length can be contrasted with wide-leg trousers. Another great option is a jumper and [Equipment's Voulaise Block Print Jumper’s]( vibrant pattern would showcase beautifully underneath a coat or jacket. For colder temperatures, [Mother of Pearl’s Double Breasted 4-Button Long Coat]( has an intricate golden floral pattern that adds dimension to sleek silhouettes.
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##### **Flowing Sleeves and Angled Necklines** Amp up tops by going for pieces with subtle details like flowing sleeves and angled necklines. Elegant and universally flattering, [Eileen Fisher’s Ballet Neck Tunic]( features a boat neckline, which draws the eye to the shoulders, and is balanced with wide sleeves for a crisp finish. When in doubt, always go for a button-up top and [Erika Cavallini’s Polka Dot Shirt]( features a sharp point collar, which instantly smartens up any outfit. Everyone needs a staple dress and [Vivienne Westwood Anglomania’s Taxa Dress]( is demure with its long sleeves and hemline, but creates a striking silhouette with a high asymmetric neckline and subtle all-over ruching.
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##### **High-Waist, Long Hemlines and Wide-leg Silhouettes** To really accentuate your figure, play up your silhouette with flattering cuts and silhouettes that break the body apart. For skirts, an easy way to add volume is to go for pieces that feature ruffles. [Olivia Rubin’s Jessica Floral Maxi Skirt]( sits high on the waist is tiered all over, before falling to a long length for an elegant finish. Trousers don’t have to be boring either and are an easy way to dramatically play up your style. [Y’s Easy Baggy Trousers]( feature a paper-bag waist, which highlights the narrowest part of the body, and are designed with pleats, creating a subtle flow while you walk. Similarly, [Marella’s Iesolo Wide Leg Culottes]( come in a metallic colourway, and pair perfectly over a loose blouse for an elegant daytime edit.
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_Image via Louisa Parris_