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When it comes to stylish holiday head wear, no one does it better than Nadia C. Here we take a closer look at 5 of her fabulously fun hand-painted hats and the story behind them. Wherever you're spending the summer - snap up the perfect companion exclusively at
Why is it always when the seconds are counting down to your airport taxi's arrival, you find yourself rifling through endless cupboards in desperate search for last year’s floppy [sun hat]( And eventually, giving in to the realisation you’ll be grabbing the least unflattering option from a duty free shop _again —_ which will then be (regrettably) squished into any remaining space in your suitcase, to be removed misshapen, looking a bit sorry for itself on your arrival into sunnier climes... sound familiar? This year the rise in cool-girl hair accessories, printed [scarves]( and headbands means [sun hats]( are stepping up, and no longer deserve to be our holiday packing afterthought. Not only do they keep you cool and ooze beachside sophistication, there’s bonus points for their summer skin protection. With stylish, colourful and more considered shapes to choose from, you’re going to want to save space in your suitcase. Especially if you've got your eye on one of [Nadia C]('s exquisite hand-painted Panama [hats]( — brilliantly bright, fabulously fun and exclusive to [](! _"I’ve always had a life long love of South America – there’s something about the vibrancy of the culture and the generosity of the people that touches my soul. When I discovered these incredible Panama hats and the talented people who hand-paint each one I knew I had to bring them back to the UK." - Nadia C_ Inspired by a trip to South America, [Nadia C]( decided to commission local artists and craftsman to create handwoven [hats]( Using 100% natural, organic and ethically sourced straw, each [hat]( is traditionally produced and indiviually hand-painted by artisan families in Colombia. Every [hat]( is perfectly unique, and features quirky, spirited designs, giving you the chance to stand out from the crowd! If you needed more convincing: 70% of the profits go back into supporting communities where the [hats]( are produced, so you can wear them with your head held high! Get prepped for your holidays with our favourite five hats below.
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Bee On One's Bonnet

Simple and sophisticated with adorable buzzy detail. The perfect accompaniment to flitting around vineyards in Italy — glasses at the ready!

Nadia C Golden Bee Hat, £140

Birds of a Feather

This eye-catching pink perfection is complete with warm, tropical toucans that'll look at home whether you're exploring the jungle or lazing on the beach. Bliss.

Nadia C Toucan Hat, £140

Blue Sky Thinking

Delight in the dreamy baby blue skies and fun flamingos of this smile-inducing sun hat. Ideal for somewhere sunny, or to brighten up somewhere not so.

Nadia C Flamingo Hat, £140

(South) American Dream

Transport yourself to the vibrant streets of South America with this multicoloured masterpiece, including an interchangeable woven band to match with any ensemble.

Nadia C Mochilla Hat, £140

Feeling Fruity

Indulge in one of your five a day in style with this wondrous watermelon bonnet. City break? Staycation? or balmy beach in Bali? This botanical beauty will work for all three.

Nadia C Watermelon Hat, £140

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