FitBit Dog Walk
Become a Fitbit fanatic with our top five ways to get the most out of your fitbit – from finding the right fit, to knowing what to do if it has an off day.
So you unwrapped a Fitbit on Christmas morning, but, other than track your steps, you're not sure what it actually does. No need to be ashamed - we'll turn you into a Fitbit fanatic in no time with our top tips and hacks to ensure you’re getting the most out of your tracker, whether it’s to help you get fitter, run farther or simply get in tune with your body in 2016...

1. Set it up

While the Fitbit does much more than track steps, the first thing you need to do is make sure it’s tracking your walking correctly. Make sure it knows what wrist you’re wearing it on by selecting either ‘dominant’ or ‘non-dominant’ from within the app. Then, make sure it knows your stride-length – it will guess this based on your height and gender, but you can input a more accurate number under Personal Info on your Fitbit dashboard.

To calculate your stride-length, take a walk somewhere you know the exact distance of (like a running track) and count your steps, then divide the total distance by the number of steps it took you to get there.

2. Get the right fit

How you wear your Fitbit can make all the difference – if you wear it too tight this may effect your blood flow and skew your results, while wearing it too loose can cause the band to move around.

If you’re wearing it during the day (when you’re not exercising), your Fitbit should rest a finger’s width below your wrist bone and lay flat, like a watch. Never wear your tracker with the display on the inside of your wrist.

3. Make the most of your run

Even if your Fitbit doesn’t have GPS or you leave it at home, use the MobileRun feature of the Fitbit app to track your activity through a mobile device. You’ll be able to see steps, active minutes, calories burned, elevation, pace, distance and time information as well as a map of your route.

To use MobileRun, select Exercise from the home screen of the Fitbit app and tap the stopwatch in the top right corner – hit Start when you’re ready to run!

4. Challenge yourself

Get involved with a Fitbit Challenge, designed to motivate you and get you to compete with Fitbit friends at any time of day. With the ability to be in up to five challenges at a time with up to 10 people participating in each, you’re sure to find one that pushes you further.

Find the Challenges button at the bottom of the app to discover the options available to you.

5. When in doubt, restart

Like any device the Fitbit can have its off moments (or days), but don’t panic – you can restart your device at any time, and it almost always solves the problem.

_The Fitbit range is available at Fenwick Bond Street, Newcastle and Kingston._