How To Pack Your Suitcase
Your flights have been booked, accommodation confirmed, now the only thing you’ve got left to do is to pack your suitcase before your getaway begins. Here, we break down the best travel-friendly clothes and outline easy folding techniques so that you can bring everything you need on board your next adventure.
The most thrilling part of getting ready for a getaway, is the penultimate act: packing your suitcase(s). However, this can also be the most daunting task too. Suddenly thousands of questions fill your mind: what shirt should I bring? Will this fit in my bag? Do I need an umbrella or hat? Deciding on the type of luggage depends on the duration of your trip. Attach a [luggage tag]( to help identify your bag and look for lightweight suitcases with structured shells for long travels or a soft carry-on for quick getaways. Visit your nearest [Fenwick]( to discover luggage from [Samsonite](, [Antler]( and [Tumi]( As a general rule of thumb, lay out everything you need, then edit down accordingly. If you’re stuck on how much to bring, use the clothing countdown (5, 4, 3, 2, 1) as a loose guide: limit yourself to no more than **five** sets of socks and underwear, **four** [tops](, **three** bottoms, **two** shoes and **one** [jacket]( Simplicity is key to efficient packing and the main idea is to fill everything strategically into one bag. A good starting point is to pack heavy items first, such as shoes, [jackets]( and [jeans]( To maximise space, footwear should be stuffed with socks, and placed in a cloth bag to prevent your clothes from getting dirty. There’s nothing more frustrating than unzipping your suitcase and finding your favourite clothes crinkled and creased, so we’ve rounded up everything you need to pack for a wrinkle-less trip and the best folding techniques for optimum storage. _Bon voyage_!
#### Tops When it comes to packing [tops](, a combination of rolling and folding is best. Crinkle-free clothing tends to come out best when it’s folded, and [this gathered blouse]( by [Cefinn]( is crafted from Techni-Voile fabric so it doesn’t get wrinkled. [Dresses]( are another easy option for folding and [this sleeveless option by Pleats Please Issey Miyake]( is a signature style from the brand and its pleats are designed to withstand creasing. Rolling enables you to fit clothes into small spaces and works best with T-shirts. Opt for a comfortable cotton [tee](, like [this striped one from Fred Perry]( or [this white one from Calvin Klein Jeans](, as a T-shirt can be easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Fold the sleeves in and roll from the bottom up, then fold the rolled T-shirt in half to prevent creases.
#### Shorts and Trousers Aside from being a wardrobe staple, [jeans]( are incredibly durable, making them ideal for travelling. One of the main benefits of denim is that it doesn’t require daily washing due to the thickness of the material. Look for [jeans]( in darker washes as they can be easily styled, like the [Tyler jeans from J Brand]( In addition, most jeans now come in lighter fabrics and the [Bernard Skinny Jeans from Weekend MaxMara]( are crafted from a cotton blend for a comfy fit. To pack [jeans](, first lay them flat and halve them lengthwise, then fold one trouser leg up diagonally. Next, roll from the waist, leaving the diagonal section out, then tuck the rolled denim into the diagonal trouser leg. [Shorts]( and lightweight fabrications are the best choice for hotter climates and Fred Perry’s track shorts are designed to resist sweat. If you want a formal piece, [Max Mara Studio’s Tenna wide leg trousers]( are cut from silk for an sophisticated feel. Simply fold [trousers or shorts]( in half lengthwise, then roll continuously from the bottom up.
#### Layers It’s always a good idea to bring some form of [outerwear]( on a trip, especially if you’re unsure about the weather, lightweight knits are insulating and pack small. If the weather takes a dip in the evening, fold [Eileen Fisher’s flutter sleeve cardigan]( inside a bag. Similarly, [Tommy Jeans’ zipped hoody]( is perfect for trans-seasonal dressing. A denim jacket is another option for day-to-night layering and [this classic one by Eileen Fisher]( can be easily paired with any outfit. An easy way to save space is to wear the bulkiest pieces while you're travelling. Fold a [jacket]( into a square if it's more structured and roll if it's looser in shape. If the jacket is thick, button it up and lay it flat inside your suitcase so that the sleeves aren't folded in. Then, layer all your other packed clothes on top of it. Once you've packed everything, wrap whatever is laying outside of the suitcase tightly on top op the bundle.
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