Model in a wide black and white Hostie Hat Colada
From classic silhouettes to show-stopping statement designs, we’ve rounded up the must-have hats at Fenwick with the help of our expert millinery buyers.
Whether you're planning a day at the races or looking for the perfect finishing touch to a summer wedding outfit, hats and headpieces are an elegant way to elevate your look. From classic silhouettes in neutral shades to show-stopping statement designs in bold colours, we’ve rounded up the must-have hats at Fenwick. And to help you find the right one for you, we’ve enlisted the help of our expert millinery buyers for their top tips and tricks. In the search for the perfect occasion hat, Angela Basten, Senior Occasion Hats Buyer at Fenwick of Bond Street, Brent Cross and Bentalls Kingston advises: "Wherever possible, shop with your full outfit" and to "try different shapes on – something that you never expected to suit you may just look right with your chosen outfit." In terms of positioning, Becky Patsianas, Personal Shopper at Bentalls Kingston recommends to "always tilt your hat to the right and let it sit 1cm above the eyebrow", as well as choosing a hat size and shape that compliments and balances out your figure. To help you decide which styles to try, we've taken a closer look at the trends in store this season and chosen our favourite hats from each.
## CLASSIC When looking for the perfect hat, classic shapes and neutral shades are always a safe bet. A chic, pared-back style will add an air of sophistication to your look. Angela advises: "For an elegant look this spring, choose one of the new low crown and wide brim styles which have a very 40s Dior feeling."
White wide brim Hostie Hat Collins with feathers
Hostie Hat Collins, £325
White and pink Hostie Hats Kir
Hostie Hats Kir, £169
Black and white Hostie Hats Colada with feathers
Hostie Hats Colada, £279
Hostie Hats Rum with flower and netting
Hostie Hats Rum, £169
## COLOURFUL Summer occasions are a great time to be bold and experiment with a pop of colour. Angela states: "Hot pink is a stand out colour [this season] along with lots of classic blushes, creams and blues. You might be surprised by how great a contrasting colour can look , rather than a colour matched to your outfit."
Pink Hostie Hats Bacardi with flowers
Hostie Hats Bacardi, £169
Whitely Maddox Feathered Pillbox Hat in Blue
Whitely Maddox Feathered Pillbox, £59
Green wide brim Hostie Hats Midori with feathers
Hostie Hats Midori, £189
Pink Hostie Hats Spritz with feathers
Hostie Hats Spritz, £189
Red Whitely Maddox Tulip Fascinator with a bow
Whitely Maddox Tulip Fascinator, £89
Blue and white wide brim Hostie Hats Cosmopolitan
Hostie Hats Cosmopolitan, £279
## CREATIVE If a classic hat silhouette isn't your thing, or you're looking for something a little bit different, fascinators, headbands and clips are "a stylish alternative, and a great way to have fun with your hats" says Personal Shopper, Becky. Angela advises that "there are many beautiful styles using crinoline, cut out materials and flowers" in-store.
Gold Rosantica Flower Pearl Headband Grace
Rosantica Flower Pearl Headband Grace, £495
Green Hostie Hats Martini headband with petals
Hostie Hats Martini, £129
Jennifer Ouellette Face Veil in Blush
Jennifer Ouellette Face Veil Blush, £79
Gold Rosantica Pearl Spray Headband Pioggia
Rosantica Pearl Spray Headband Pioggia, £450