Rediscover the joy of dressing up with Cefinn, as we unveil our exclusive six-piece capsule collection with the elegantly understated London-based label. Here we speak to Founder and Creative Director Samantha Cameron to find out more about the creative process, what she’s most looking forward to this summer, and her approach to occasionwear in a post-pandemic world.
When it comes to elegantly understated pieces for multitasking women, no one does it quite like [Cefinn]( Founded in London by Samantha Cameron in 2017 and named after the initials of her four children, [Cefinn]( has become synonymous with smart, modern and feminine womenswear with a timeless aesthetic that transcends trends, occasions, and times of the day. Consisting of six darling dresses in Cefinn’s best-selling silhouettes, we are delighted to unveil our exclusive capsule collection, perfect for returning to work, weddings, garden parties and generally rediscovering the joy of dressing up again this summer. An urban take on florals, the collection heroes Cefinn’s Leopard Pansy print in an exclusive new colourway; a cheering mix of pinks and blues in celebration of the upcoming British summer. Speaking of which, we caught-up with Samantha herself to find out which occasions she is most looking forward to this summer, what she will be sporting - and sipping – plus more about the inspiration behind our exclusive collection.
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**When conceptualising a new collection, how do you start the creative process?** SC: _“My design aesthetic is classic with a modern, fashion edge, so it’s important to be aware of trends and how they can be incorporated. As we are still a very young brand we are still experimenting with new fabrics and silhouettes in each new collection. Along with deciding on the new colourways and designing the prints this is always the most exciting part of each season. I start with the fabrics and colours having collected lots of visual inspiration as well samples from the fabric fairs. Then I begin with lots of sketches and work with the team on what designs will best suit which fabric.”_ **Can you tell us a little about the inspiration behind the colour palette of your exclusive Fenwick print?** SC: _“When we first designed our Leopard Pansy print two years ago, we had no idea it would create such a following but our urban take on florals really struck a chord. We’re delighted to have created it in an exclusive colour palette for Fenwick, a joyful mix of pinks and blues in celebration of the British summer that we hope will lift everyone’s spirits.”_ **Your Fenwick collection is the perfect day to night transitional capsule – what occasion are you most looking forward to this summer?** SC: _“I’m most looking forward to family gatherings and dinner out with friends again. I have a big family including four sisters, so I’ve really missed our larger get togethers and seeing my 21 nieces and nephews!”_ **…and which piece will you be wearing?** SC: _“I love the_ [Syla]( _wrap dress for an elegant, put-together look that’s effortless and works with both a heel or flats. The silk-viscose jacquard fabric_ _drapes beautifully and you can cinch it in at the waist with the pretty grosgrain ribbon._ _I also wear the_ [Daria]( _a lot, it is one of our best-selling dresses. We’ve spent a huge amount of time perfecting this design and as with many Cefinn pieces, it’s the thoughtful detailing that makes it so well loved. The easy fit waist can be nipped in with rouleau ties at the back and the bracelet-length, blouson raglan sleeve is a perfect fit on any body shape. The scarf can be worn open to create a look of laid-back insouciance or tied in a pussy bow for elevated daytime chic.”_ **How has the pandemic changed the way you think about and design occasion wear?** SC: _“My aim with Cefinn is to design high-quality investment pieces that can be dressed up or down – I want to make it easy for women to have a chic, versatile wardrobe that is effortless to wear. We have been evolving the collection since we launched in 2017 but the pandemic probably accelerated this a little in terms of adding more knitwear and relaxed separates to the collection. That said, we still offer lots of pieces which can be dressed up for events and special occasions so that hasn’t really changed – we were always optimistic that we would be able to dress up again and that women would find joy in doing so.”_
**Can you tell us a little about the fabrics Cefinn uses?** SC: _“I am passionate about the look and feel of fabrics and we spend a huge amount of time sourcing them and testing them to ensure they perform and last well. Our customers tend to be busy women which makes it important that Cefinn’s clothes are easy to wear, style and care for, many of the pieces in the collection are machine washable – this includes all our Techni-Voile, Techni-Linen, Camo Jacquard, Merino wool and cotton pieces._ _Three of the dresses in the Cefinn x Fenwick Exclusive collection are made from Techni Voile. It’s a brilliant fabric as it looks smart and elegant and can be machine washed, is crease-resistant and requires little or no pressing. It’s a great fabric for travel and packing in your suitcase. We also use a lot of natural silk and silk/viscose blends some of which are woven with a lovely leopard jacquard that we used for three of the dresses in the_ **_Cefinn x Fenwick Exclusive collection_**_. The jacquard creates a subtle shimmer under the print and hangs beautifully.”_ **We love that Cefinn pieces are timeless and designed to transcend trends and seasons. How else do you reduce your impact on the planet?** SC: _“Cefinn has never been about fast fashion. The issues are complex, but we have made a start on the long journey to reduce the impact that we have on our planet. All the factories that we work with are committed to_ _reducing water consumption, using less plastic, reducing waste and the use of harmful chemicals wherever possible__. Most of our packaging is fully recyclable, and we are supporting the circular economy by working with fashion rental companies. We spend a lot of time talking to the fabric mills and suppliers to reinforce how key it is that they do more to develop sustainable and recycled fabrics. With enough research, investment and pressure from the consumer I am sure technology will help hugely in the long term.”_ **As a female atelier designing fashion for women, how would you like your clothes to make them feel?** SC: _“My mission is to make it easy for women to feel confident, on-trend and at their best.”_
**If you could dress any woman from history, who would it be?** SC: _“My maternal grandmother, Pandora, died when I was 18 and we were very close. She was beautiful and incredibly glamourous - she always looked amazing and was very young at heart. If she were alive today, she would be in her early 90s and I can imagine her wearing Cefinn in a very stylish way.”_ **As a British Fashion Council ambassador, what advice would you give to young designers starting their brands post-pandemic?** SC: _“Stick to your creative vision and work with people who understand it. The process of taking a design from a sketch to production is technically complex so you need to work with people whose talent and expertise you can rely on. Lastly, ask for advice, I have found people to be very generous with their time.”_ **When summer comes around, which is your favourite British day trip?** SC: _“Swimming in the Cornish sea followed by a beach barbeque - preferably not in the rain!”_ **…and last but not least, Pimm’s or rosé?** SC: _“Pimm’s with lots of ice, cucumber and mint.”_
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