new activewear at fenwick
No longer the reserve of personal trainers and long distance runners, activewear is for everyone at any hour - and thankfully, it's become an incredibly stylish affair.
From tailored Parisian leggings and pretty pastel [weights]( to running [shoes]( that are both sustainably-crafted and expertly-cushioned, our collection of [activewear]( comes together in such an agreeable Venn diagram of comfort, style and practicality, we're struggling to remember why we ever wore anything else. Take a look at our edit and find the motivation to keep moving - whether it be a jog around the park, aisle-to-aisle in the supermarket, a virtual Pilates session, or from your office set-up to sofa.
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Named after the visionary corset designer, [Ernest Leoty]( creates tailored activewear with a certain _je ne sais quoi_. Self-described as 'couture for leisure', the label delivers modern designs with a Parisian sensibility and technical performance in mind - even if your technically only performing a few laps of the park to showcase your smart new set.
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The Swiss are synonymous with quality, and [On]( shoes are no exception. Thanks to patented technology, their incredibly lightweight range ensures both a firm take-off and cushioned landing, generating the unique sensation of running on a cloud - and what could be more pleasant than that?
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Adding resistance to your workout never looked so good - or felt so effortless. Bala's range of bangles and bands are wildly versatile, meaning you can wear them on your ankles and wrists when doing day-to-day chores as well as when training. Sculpting your biceps as you fold the laundry? Not a problem.