From sea shores to jewellery pieces, we look at how you can dress your ears, neck and wrists up with summer’s favourite accessory trend: pearls and shells.
With the summer now in full swing, it seems that not only are we looking to dress ourselves up in beachier versions of our everyday ensembles, we’re also looking to get holiday-ready with our jewellery, and what better way to do that than with summer’s favourite jewellery trend, pearls and shells. It’s all about going back to nature this season, with jewellery leaning towards a more organic form in pearls and shells. Whether you’re looking to glam up for a formal dinner party, or simply want to accessorise your poolside attire, this trend is perfect for adding a fun, oceanic touch to any outfit. The best thing about this trend is that you can mix together a combination of pearls and shells for a striking look, or simply wear one piece of jewellery as a subtle statement. With that in mind, we look at how you can elevate your wardrobe by styling your earlobes, wrists and neck. From pearl-encrusted hoop earrings, to golden-tone shell necklaces, here are our favourite pieces from the seasonally perfect trend.
#### Pearls A timeless classic, pearls are a staple gem in jewellery, and as Coco Chanel once said, “A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.” However, these are no longer our grandmother’s pearls, instead they are reworked for a fresh twist, making them perfect for contemporary outfits. These [earrings from Soru Jewellery]( feature pearls adorned onto stars for a sparkling, ethereal finish and pair perfectly against a monochrome outfit. For an elevated take on the classic hoop earrings, [these ones from Pink Powder]( are adorned with miniature pearls and gold-plated hoops. Swap out a traditional choker with [Margo Morrison’s Freshwater Pearl Necklace]( to embody a pared-back, bohemian aesthetic, fit for beachside attire.
#### Shells As the old nursery rhyme goes, "she sells sea shells by the sea shore." Only this time, the shells we have in mind aren’t on sandy shores, instead they’re in our jewellery. An elaborate reinterpretation of childhood seashells, [Soru Jewellery’s Treasures Sirena necklace]( is handcrafted from 18kt yellow-gold vermeil, and adorned with intricate shells and a large starfish. For something more subtle, [this necklace from WALD Berlin]( is simply decorated with one rhinestone-embellished sea shell and can be layered with other chain necklaces. String [WALD Berlin’s Me Myself and I bracelet]( around your wrist to add a delicate, aquatic touch to any casual or formal outfit.
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_Image via Soru Jewellery_