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No matter your size, shape or body-baring braveness, Hunza G has got you covered with their flattering figure-friendly swimsuits and bikinis. Here, we take a closer look at the swimwear brand taking social media by storm.
When it comes to summer [swimwear]( there are two camps — the lucky ladies who can throw on any itsy-bitsy teeny-weenie bikini and always look fabulous, and then there’s the rest of us, who face a multitude of questions with every suit we consider — which size will fit? Does this shape suit me? Is this comfortable and supportive enough for the whole day? Will this give me the confidence to whip off my sarong and cannonball into the pool? And, will it stay on? But, what if we could make your swimwear shopping a whole lot easier? Consider a dreamy one-size-fit [swimsuit]( and [bikini]( collection that’s stylish, stretchy, flattering and has a cult following of cool girls on social media that make it effortlessly chic. Sounds impossible? Well then, you haven't met [Hunza G]( Utilising the wondrous properties of crinkle-stretch seersucker material, Hunza G’s vintage-inspired swimsuits have become quite the hit. With a clever one-size-fit design (from an incredible size 6 to size 14) and no seams, they adapt and mould to the body, regardless of size or shape, resulting in a flattering fit. So they're probably worth knowing about. Not to mention the brand's rich history — Hunza rose to fame in the '80s as the creator of Julia Roberts’ iconic mini dress in Pretty Woman, and has since been revived 30 years on by Creative Director, Georgiana Huddart, as a London swimwear label aiming to bring back the best of the '80s with their signature crinkle bikini.
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We asked Georgiana what makes Hunza G so great, "the fabric is really the key to Hunza G - I always liked the versatility and inclusiveness of it. It means you get a lot of different types of women wearing it - it's a one-size-fit. Which I think gives a really nice feel to the shopping experience, as everyone - regardless of size is purchasing the same item, and it feels great on. The fabric being so stretchy and figure-hugging allows it to take your best body shape whether you are a size 6 or size 14\. It's all about body confidence." No matter your size, shape or body-baring braveness, [Hunza G]( has got you covered. Don’t believe us? Why not try one for yourself? From the supportive [Nancy swimsuit](, to the tummy-sinching [Posey bikini](, Riveria-reminiscent [Gloria bikini](, and adorable retro [Twosret bikini]( (exclusive to in black with white frill) — we've rounded up our most sizzling swimmers below, so you can make a splash in style.
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